Charming and highly sociable, Libras are happiest when surrounded by friends — especially if Bae is among them. “Libra is one of the two signs that’s in love with love,” the other being Pisces, says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. They thrive on romance and partnership, and their habits reflect that, tending to be good matchmakers and serial monogamists. They love romantic pastel colors, natural beauty, and poetry, with an almost Impressionist aesthetic, says Biehl. Hand them a bouquet, and they’ll swoon. “They’re suckers for flowers,” she says.

It’s no surprise these master communicators easily attract a crowd. With keen intellects and a knack for being in the know, they can engage in stimulating conversation for hours, and their grace and good manners are unparalleled. With a penchant for the written word, they’d actually appreciate a clever greeting card. Natural tastemakers, Libras know a good thing when they see it and love to experience beauty, especially in the forms of music, visual arts, travel, and high-quality material objects. Rest assured, they’ll be wearing new trends before anyone else catches on.

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Represented by a scale, Libras have a strong sense of justice and are “on a quest for harmony,” says Biehl. They tend to avoid conflict at all costs, but when they sense imbalance, they can react with passive aggression. Talk it out over dinner — they’re diplomatic beings who want to restore equilibrium, and there’s nothing a Libra likes quite as much as fine dining.

Poetry Book


Rupi Kaur’s love poems have seduced the literary community — and Instagram. Your Libra will get lost in her renowned collection, Milk & Honey.
Milk and Honey, $12;

Romantic Getaway


Libras love to travel to locales where beauty and good food abound. Take yours to the small, fairytale town of Sintra, Portugal, where nobility used to vacation, and stay at the refined Tivoli Palacio de Seteais, which gives any Disney castle a run for its money.
Tivoli Palácio De Seteais Sintra Hotel;



Equip your Libra with a set of Glossier’s Cloud Paint blush in soft, romantic colors like Puff and Haze. It’ll bring out her natural, polished look.
Glossier Cloud Paint, $18;

Flower-Arranging Class


The Libra in your life loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers — but do them one better, and sign them up for a flower-arranging class where they can create their own lush bouquet, wreath, or flower crown.



Douse your Libra in beauty with a floral scent like Viktor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb.

Greeting Card


Tuck a clever card into your Libra’s gift — they’ll appreciate the quick wit or lyricism of the greeting you pick out more than most.

Collector’s Art


Visual arts are important to Libras, so help them turn their home into a mini-art gallery with a gift certificate to Twyla. The service, which aims to take the pretentiousness out of purchasing art, offers a wide variety of limited edition, framed works from contemporary artists, many of which won’t bankrupt you.

Pastel Lingerie


If you’re dating a Libra, lean into their sensual side with powdery pastel, lacy lingerie.
Gooseberry Be Mine Baby Pink Longline Bra & Tanga, $65/$34;

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