We’re All Out of Sarcastic Comments, So Here Are 10 Gifts For the Chandler Bing Fan in Your Life

Friends may have ended its run back in 2004, but thanks to the magic of syndication and Netflix, the show lives on in our hearts and, thankfully, our screens. While we can all relate to the entire Central Perk gang in some way, each character speaks deeply to the soul of select fans; we all know if we’re a Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, or Ross. Right now, I’m talking to all the Bing-a-Lings out there. Sure, we’re a tad neurotic, self-deprecating, and almost chronically sarcastic, but we’re still a hoot, and that’s all that really matters! So if you’re “The Funny One” and damn proud of it (or just shopping for one), I highly suggest investing in these gifts.

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