Cardi B recently announced the shocking news that she and her husband Offset are splitting up after just a year of marriage, and naturally there’s a lot of speculation about why the pair are parting ways. Which brings us to Summer Bunni. Despite Cardi insisting she and Offset simply grew out of love, Summer seems to think she had something to do with their split.

Not only did she give a statement to TMZ saying she hasn’t “messed” with Offset since he had his baby and that she feels “ashamed,” she hit up Instagram to say, “I’ve always been for women supporting each other but in this situation not only myself but others have failed.” AND NOW? Now Summer’s gone ahead and released a song called “Don’t Matter” about Offset (wow, what an interesting time to launch a singing career!!!!), and it’s…um…a lot.

The Blast has a preview of “Don’t Matter,” and honestly the lyrics are all that DO matter. In the song, Summer seems to slam Offset for lying to her, but then says he needs her….so…guess that apology to Cardi B wasn’t as genuine as it seemed? IDK, you decide:

Apparently the full song was meant to drop this week, but Summer’s Instagram account has been deleted so….whoops.

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