People can be very cruel sometimes.

While the internet is replete with human beings having a wonderful time with their pets, once in a while we hear of such heartlessness from people towards their pets that it simply breaks our hearts. This is one of those occasions when a pair of beagle mixes were thrown out of a moving car on a snowy New York highway, authorities say.

Fortunately, however, this story has a silver lining. Just as the pet owner who threw the dogs showed us the cruelty that humans can sometimes mete out to their pets, the actions of one passing trucker reaffirmed our faith in humanity. When the trucker found the dogs all mangled, bleeding and severely injured on the highway, he decided to take them in and alerted the authorities.

Police are asking for the help of the general public in finding the suspect or suspects in the incident Wednesday morning on Interstate 81 near Whitney Point, about 16 miles (26 kilometers) north of Binghamton, reported ABC News. So far, they have no leads at all.

One of the dogs was more injured than the other and his front leg had to be amputated to prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of his body. Amberly Ondria, shelter manager for the Broome County Humane Society, said it was heartbreaking to see the dogs being brought in such a bad condition.

“These animals have been through a lot, and people need to understand that this is not OK. This is not something that should be done.”

The trucker told investigators that the dogs were thrown out of the right rear window of a dirty, rusty Dodge Durango heading north toward Cortland. Seeing the dogs thrown, he immediately stopped his vehicle by the side of the road and tended to the one who had been injured severely. He picked the dog up and walked towards his truck, with the other dog who had only suffered a few abrasions following on his own.

He alerted the state troopers, who bandaged the badly injured dog and splinted his leg on the side of the highway, while the trucker wrapped him up in his sweatshirt to protect the dog from the cold. It was the trucker’s actions, said the investigators, which saved the life of the badly mangled dog.

One of the dogs has been renamed Trooper, after the troopers who saved him, and the other one has been named Adam, after the trucker.

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