A dual-island Caribbean nation that fits fulfills the all visual requirements of a tropical paradise, Trinidad and Tobago offers a striking variety of shooting locales ranging from azure waters, white sands, thick jungle, sprawling savannahs and – on the urban side – bustling cities. Though the islands have predominantly housed local films, they are now enticing international producers with an up to a 35% cash rebate on qualified local expenditures, as well as an additional 20% cash rebate for local labor costs.

Other lures include the carnival and calypso atmosphere of the capital, Port of Spain, and the country’s native creole cuisine.

The Trinidad and Tobago program gives 12.5% cash back on qualifying expenses for budgets ranging from $100,000 to $499,999. For projects with budgets ranging from $500,000 to $999,999, the cash-back incentive rises to 15%. And if a project has a budget over $1,000,000, the amount of the incentive rises to 35% cash back.

The additional 20% cash back for hiring local labor applies to all these categories.

Recent projects shot in Trinidad and Tobago include “Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen” (2019 to present), “Chocolat Road” (2019), “Carnivals Around the World” (2018), “Unfinished Sentences” (2018), “Learning to Breathe” (2016), “Bazodee” (2016), “This Love” (2015), “Home Again” (2012) and “Little Boy Blue” (2011).

Information courtesy of the Production Incentives team at Entertainment Partners.

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