Humans aren’t the only ones trying to get out of the paths of California’s three wildfires: wild animals are searching for safety, too.

The Sacramento Fire Department came across two of these travelers during their efforts to control the Camp Fire in Northern California.

According to KSBY, the firefighters found a pair of donkeys walking side-by-side down an empty road. The rescuers stopped to check on the animals and quickly realized they were hungry and thirsty.

Committed to helping all creatures affected by fire, the firefighters provided the donkey duo with water and apples from their own lunches while they put in a call to Animal Control.

The grateful twosome happily munched on treats from the fire chief’s hand until animal control officials arrived and moved the animals to a local rescue, reports Shared.

Once the chaos caused by the multiple wildfires begins to wane, the rescue will work on finding the donkeys’ owners if they haven’t already come forward.

The Humane Society of the United States encourages all California residents to help wild animals affected by the fire. The easiest way to do this is to allow animals to pass through your yard and, if you are not in the direct path of a wildfire, to leave out fresh water for wild animals to drink.

If you see a wild animal that is injured, it is best to contact wildlife professionals for help instead of trying to help the animal yourself.

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