You may have noticed that Tom Holland wasn’t at the Avengers: Endgame world premiere last night in Hollywood, and he sent a message to all of his fans afterwards.

“Hey everyone. I just wanted to do a little message and say sorry I wasn’t at the premiere last night. I’m here in Alabama. Not I’m not, I’m in Atlanta…shooting…Chaos Walking,” Tom said on his Instagram Story.

“I noticed on the red carpet that there was a thank you cam for all our fans, so I wanted to do my own and say thank you for letting me be part of this amazing Marvel journey,” Tom said. “It’s really changed my life and I could’ve never imagine this would happen to me.”

He added, “I hope the premiere was amazing as the last one. I’m sure it was better…The Russo bros, you’re amazing. I hope the film performs in every way possible.”

Tom stars as Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, though his character is one of the many who did not survive Infinty War.

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