Take that trolls! Social media goes wild for ‘toasting’ – a viral anti-roasting trend that sees internet users building each other up rather than slinging insults and leaving catty comments

  • Reddit users started a thread encouraging people to ‘toast’ others 
  • The phrase was created in response to ‘roasting’ people, which involves coming up with clever but hurtful insults about someone
  • The ‘Toast Me’ thread on Reddit involves people sharing their pictures 
  • Users will then come up with creative and genuine compliments for the person
  • People online have shared stories about coming out, breakups and mental health battles as reasons for needing a toast from others  

A new internet trend called ‘toasting’ works the opposite of roasting,or insulting, someone by instead boosting them up with compliments and words of encouragement.

Toasting someone started on Reddit in response to a thread called r/RoastMe, in which users would post pictures of themselves and encourage people to insult them. 

To counteract the negativity from the Reddit thread, another chain called r/ToastMe was created inviting people to share their stories so they could receive some thoughtful compliments. 

Empowering: Reddit users started a thread encouraging people to ‘toast’ others. The thread encourages users to share pictures about why they need a toast 

Lifting up: The thread was created in response to another thread called ‘Roast Me’ where people insult each other. This one focuses on positivity 

Helpful: People are now sharing pictures of themselves and explaining why they could use a boost do to mental health reasons or other difficulties 

Boost needed: Reddit users ask for encouragement when dealing with ex’s or handling depression

Looking for a win: The thread encourages users to then comment on the different posts and offer genuine compliments meant to be uplifting 

‘Complimenting is an interesting science,’ the page explained. ‘As when crafting insults, it is important to reach past the superficial levels of a person’s personality, and to touch (and, in this case, praise) a deeper aspect of their character that somehow shines through.’ 

The description continued: ‘Though not all compliments have to be profound and penetrating, the simple expression of enjoyment of one’s appearance and personality can often reach deeper than the most exacting descriptions.’

A person will first post a selfie of themselves and include a short description of why they need a boost. Then other Reddit users will offer words of encouragement by leaving ‘genuine and unique compliments’ for the person.  

The page has since blossomed to touch on a variety of issues people are going through in their daily lives — including coming out to family or friends and overcoming depression. 

One user admitted she ‘felt silly’ for posting on the thread but admitted she could use some words of encouragement. 

‘I feel very silly doing this, but going into a depressive episode the first day of finals week is rough. Could use a toast,’ one woman expressed while sharing a selfie.

People commended the woman for her intelligence as well as her looks as a nice way to lift her up prior to her exams. 

Another woman shared how she was coming out on the same day as sharing her selfie. 

‘I’m going to come out as a lesbian today and I’m actually terrified. Could use a toast,’ the woman confessed. 

She received a plethora of comments commending her strength and bravery for proudly announcing her sexuality. This support was echo’d by multiple commenters. 

One guy in the positive thread admitted he was having a ‘bad mental health day’ and requested people to leave him some positivity on the toast thread to get him through the depression. He was met with supporting words from strangers. 

The posts received on the thread included topics relating to mental health struggles, dealing with insecurities and handling breakups.   

And now more and more people are submitting their own pictures and stories to explain why they could use a toast. 

The thread on Reddit has become an area on the internet where people find positivity promoted on all posts instead of spreading negativity.

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