After coming so close to breaking up for good, it appears T.I. and Tiny are in a good place. However, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Tiny still has ‘trust issues,’ and she’s not afraid to drop the ‘D-word’ in order to keep him in line.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, and T.I, 38, have had their ups and downs, to put it lightly, but judging by the Nov. 12 episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, the troubled couple are in a “good, healthy space.” While this might squash the notion of these two breaking up, a source close to Tiny EXCLUSIVELY tells that she keeps her divorce papers in her back pocket, metaphorically, in case he starts to stray again. “Tiny has serious trust issues when it comes to Tip,” the insider says, “and she figures keeping the divorce threat real and out there is an added incentive for him not to cheat ever again.

“Tiny knows that Tip values his family more than anything in this world,” the insider tells, “but she also knows that he struggles to avoid temptation, and he has plenty of temptation dangled in front of him on a regular basis with beautiful women literally throwing themselves at him via social media and in person when he’s performing. Tiny likes to remind Tip about the divorce filing whenever she feels his attention might be straying, and props where props are due, it does seem to be keeping him in line.”

While the insider says that Tiny “definitely continues to hold the threat of divorce over Tip’s head,” they also stress that “at this stage there is little to zero chance she would ever actually pull the trigger and actually end their marriage.” Tiny first filed for divorce at the end of 2016, citing irreconcilable differences, per XXL. However, it seems those differences were reconcilable, as the two have worked through their issues. Still, the divorce remains on the table, as Tiny reportedly filed for a second leave of absence for the case in May 2018, basically extending/delaying the divorce proceedings.

Though it appears Tiny is “ride or die” for T.I., and the chances of these two breaking up are somewhere in between little and none, she doesn’t feel bad for filing the papers. While she doesn’t ever want to re-live the stress and anguish that followed the initial filing, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells that “the struggles actually transformed them both and their relationship.” The threat of the divorce was a reality check for T.I. and Tiny, and since them, he’s “treating Tiny like his Queen” now. The shock to his system reminded T.I. who was truly important in his life, so it’s no wonder she still keeps the divorce around…just in case.

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