Social media influencers in Ireland’s TikTok house are forced to leave their luxury Dublin pad – just days after a video showed a couple apparently having sex in the background

  • Ten Irish influencers moved into a luxury home – nicknamed @gohousedublin – six weeks ago in a bid to boost their social media profiles and follower numbers 
  • This week, three of the house-mates were seen performing a dance challenge – but their hair-whipping was upstaged by a raunchy background scene 
  • A couple behind the dancing influencers appeared to be having sex – but many claimed on social media that the risque clip was staged, which the house denied
  • Now, it is thought the influencers may have been asked to leave as the house’s founder Thomas Arnold confirmed the group had been ‘kicked out’ 

Ten influencers living together in a TikTok house in Ireland have been forced to find a second property to live in after being ‘kicked out’ – just days after they posted a dance challenge clip that appeared to show a couple having sex in the background.  

While many viewers suggested the video was ‘staged’ – something the housemates have denied – it now appears that posting the controversial clip may have led to them leaving the luxury Dublin property – complete with its own private chef – which they’ve been enjoying for six weeks. 

In a post on the house’s Instagram account this morning @gohousedublin, they told their 20,000 followers: ‘It was hard to say goodbye, but bigger and better things are around the corner…’ and accompanied the message with a montage of the housemates’ best moments in the property. 

The influencers – Thomas Arnold, Jake Browne, Lauren Whelan, Andrea Camila, Lewis Kelly, Ryan Mar, Shauna Davitt, Nia Gallagher and Leila Ecker – moved in together on September 2nd in a bid to boost their individual and collective profiles on social media. 

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Three of the Irish TikTok stars, influencers Andrea Camila, Shauna Davitt and Lauren Whelan, are seen dancing in the Dublin house where they’ve been living for six weeks but viewers were more than a little distracted by the raunchy antics going on in the background – today, it was revealed the housemates have now left the property after being ‘kicked out’ 

Once you see it: The couple in the background are caught in a passionate embrace but the housemates have denied that it was set-up to get more social media traffic

It’s not clear why the housemates were forced to pack their bags and head to a new house to continue their quest for TikTok notority but house founder Thomas Arnold, pictured, told his fellow influencers theyhad to pack their bags

Off they go: The Irish influencers, who moved in together six weeks ago to raise their profiles on social media, are heading to a second ‘less nice’ house

They nicknamed the property, the G.O.A.T. House (greatest of all time) but left the home yesterday after the house’s founder, Thomas Arnold, told his fellow housemates they had to pack their bags and leave. 

He said: ‘We basically have to move house. It’s a nice house but it’s still not this house. 

‘We’re being kicked out of the house. We’re moving there on Tuesday, we have to leave here at 11am.’

Housemate Lauren Whelan responded to the news, saying: ‘I don’t really care like. As long as I’m part of the house, I don’t care like where the house is.’ 

In a video posted earlier this week, influencers Andrea Camila, Shauna Davitt and Lauren Whelan, were seen whipping their hair and dancing in the property’s trendy courtyard while completing a popular TikTok dance challenge.  

The six influencers outside the Dublin house they’ve been living in for the last six weeks 

However, it quickly emerged as the camera followed their moves that there was a show-stealing scene going on in the background, a couple apparently having passionate sex in one of the bedrooms. 

Despite many followers of the house on Twitter claiming the raunchy background antics were staged, a member of the house yesterday said it hadn’t been set up and they were still trying to find out exactly who had been caught on camera. 

One viewer who was unconvinced was @stopdropandroII, who wrote: ‘Not sure I believe that this is real—who tries that hard to keep the blankets on all the way up to their necks? And the second dancer definitely saw this going on when she was facing the window for a good 20 seconds. Fake.’

@shakedowne wrote: ‘I’m one of the founders of this house. 1. It wasn’t planned 2. Nobody will admit who it was in the bed, we’re still trying to figure it out’

The housemates are now moving to a second property to continue their content production.

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