What do you see when you look at this picture? The simple test that will ‘prove how stressed you are’ in seconds

  • This optical illusion was said to be developed by a Japanese neurologist 
  • Looking at it for a short period is said to reveal exactly how stressed you are
  • The viral image has people all over the Internet obsessed with its movements 

A digital image has emerged on social media showing an optical illusion that apparently determines how stressed we are. 

Your stress level comes down to what you see within seconds. 

If the image is still, you are calm; if it moves slightly, you are stressed and if it moves like a carousel, you are very stressed.

The now-viral image has people all over the Internet obsessed, with many leaving comments online revealing their stress levels. 

This image is said to reveal exactly how stressed you’re feeling based on how much or how little it moves 

One person shared: ‘It’s moving like a freaking roller coaster, in the middle of a cat 5 hurricane!’

While another added: ‘Apparently I’m very stressed. It moved like a carousel as soon as I looked at it.’ 

However, all may not be as it seems. 

The simple stress test was said to be the work of Japanese neurologist Yamamoto Hashima.

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But according to Snopes, the image was actually created by Yurii Perepadia, a 50-year-old designer from Oleksandriya in Ukraine.

The website revealed the image, created in 2016, was based on the work of Akioshi Kitaoka, a Japanese psychology professor who specialises in visual perception and visual illusions.

Not only does Mr Perepadia’s image have nothing to do with how stressed you’re feeling, but there’s also no one named Yamamoto Hashima.

‘Japanese psychotherapist Yamamoto Hashima has nothing to do with this picture,’ Mr Perepadia wrote on Instagram.

‘Moreover, Yamamoto Hashima does not really exist.’

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