Spoilers ahead for Riverdale Season 3, Episode 6. If you were hoping that Riverdale would reveal who the Gargoyle King is sooner rather than later, you’ll be disappointed to know it’s still a looming mystery. But this episode did deliver a handful of compelling clues that point to a new suspect, and it’s looking likely that FP Jones could be the Gargoyle King on Riverdale.

Jughead’s dad was pretty sketchy in the first season, but has mostly been good since then. Well, not good by normal law-abiding standards — he did help Alice bury a dead body, after all — but at least on the right side of all the drama. He’s been available for Jughead, Betty, and Alice whenever they need him, and he kept the peace between the north and south sides as the Serpent King. So, shady past and occasionally illegal behavior aside, FP has felt like one to root for. But now it’s looking like he could actually be the villain.

The Nov. 28 episode definitely delivered the most clues about the Gargoyle King so far, but all you have to do is look at the structure of the show to see that it’s probably one of the dads. The Season 1 baddie was Cheryl’s dad. In Season 2, it was Betty’s. Veronica’s dad is always terrible. And now, in Season 3, Jughead’s dad is probably the Gargoyle King — at least based on this evidence.

He’s Insistent That Jughead Stop Playing G&G

Who knows better what horrors await G&G players than the Gargoyle King himself? Even though most of the Riverdale teens are playing the game, FP has taken a special interest in getting Jughead to stop — including physically chaining him to their fridge so he couldn’t leave the house. He’s also very concerned that Jughead is showing signs of becoming addicted to the game. Perhaps like father, like son?

He Saw The Gargoyle King Back In High School

During Betty’s meeting with all the parents, FP let slip that he saw the Gargoyle King on the fateful Midnight Club night where their principal died. Alice seems surprised by this information, previously believing that only she had seen the Gargoyle King that night. "Wait, FP, you saw it too?" she asks.

The two were close in school and have been close after, so why would he be hiding that from her if he wasn’t wrapped up in this somehow? Also, he looked mad at himself for letting it slip, which could mean that he’s covering something up.

He Was In The Right Place At The Right Time

When the Gargoyle King showed up at Betty and Alice’s house, who conveniently climbed in through their window a few minutes later? FP Jones. By the time it took the Coopers to get away from the Gargoyle King and up the stairs into the bedroom, FP could have changed out of the costume and climbed up the bedroom window ladder. He also did not seem at all concerned that the Gargoyle King was supposedly just downstairs. Not looking surprised is a big giveaway that you’re the actual culprit, FP.

There are still many episodes to go before this storyline will be resolved, but keep an eye on FP. He could easily be the one wreaking havoc on the town.

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