How did Jack get that necklace from the mystery woman in Vietnam? The Nov. 20 episode of ‘This Is Us’ answered that question. Plus, Miguel had a tense heart-to-heart with his estranged children.

The Nov. 20 episode of This Is Us begins with Rebecca feeling bittersweet about her and Jack’s last Thanksgiving with the kids all living in the house. Miguel is coming over to join them. It’s his first Thanksgiving since his divorce. Everything is so right for the Pearsons. It’s chilling to know that just a few months later, Jack will be dead.

Miguel is having trouble being civil with Shelly after their divorce. Jack sits Miguel down to talk. Miguel knows that he hasn’t been the best father, but he wants to do better. Jack encourages him to do just that. “You don’t want to be 65 years old and not know your grandkids,” Jack tells Miguel. Oh, the irony of Jack’s words. He never gets to know his own grandkids.

In the present day, Randall and Beth leave Toby and Kate in charge of Thanksgiving. Tess stays behind with Katoby while Randall and Beth take Deja and Annie to the soup kitchen. Beth’s ideas begin to clash with Randall’s campaign manager, and Randall is defiantly devoted to his wife. However, he puts his foot in his mouth and admits that Beth’s making some mistakes when it comes to the campaign.

Toby is bringing food up to Tess when he sees her with a handful of Tampax boxes and pads. She screams at him, and Toby goes downstairs to tell Kate. She heads upstairs to check on Tess. Kate helps Tess by telling her embarrassing first period story. See, Kate has that mothering instinct already! During their talk, Tess reveals she may be into girls and boys. She doesn’t want Kate to tell her parents, and Kate reminds Tess that her parents will love her no matter what.

Back in Vietnam, Jack can’t keep his eyes off the mystery woman. Meanwhile, Nicky is angry and moody. He was a medic, and he’s seen terrible things. Jack takes leftover turkey to the woman and her son. He asks to the see boy, who got hurt earlier in the week. When he sees the boy’s foot is infected, Jack goes to Nicky. Nicky refuses to help and storms off, leaving Jack to take care of the boy. Later, Nicky explains why he didn’t help the kid with a devastating story. “You can be nice to them all you want, Jack, but they’re not just women and children,” Nicky says. As thanks for helping her son, the mystery woman gives Jack THAT necklace.

The episode also reveals how William and Jessie met. Rebecca goes to Thanksgiving with Miguel’s kids, and it’s tense. Miguel’s son holds a lot of hostility towards his father and Rebecca. Miguel schools his kids and tells them to back off of Rebecca. The mistakes that he made are not Rebecca’s mistakes. They met 10 years later and “filled a hold in each other’s lives” after Jack died. “We’re not going to apologize for being together,” Miguel says to his kids. “You show my wife some respect.” I LOVE MIGUEL!

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