If you're seeking Halloween costume inspiration, look no further. 

Actor Avan Jogia and girlfriend Cleopatra Coleman showed up to the premiere of his movie Zombieland: Double Tap on Thursday night dressed as one of Hollywood's most famous former couples: Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. Not only that, they went for Jolie-Thornton during their most infamous red carpet appearances — the Gone in 60 Seconds premiere, during which the couple made out in the middle of interviews, and Thornton told a reporter that he and Jolie "f—ked in the car on the way here."

Avan Jogia & Cleopatra Coleman

Jogia and Coleman recreated the former couple's exact outfits, right down to the tattoo Jolie had at the time reading "Billy Bob" (subbed, of course, for "Avan Jogia").

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton

Jogia and Coleman have reportedly been dating since 2017, though they aren't married like Jolie and Thornton were at the time of the Gone in 60 Seconds premiere.

It might be a little early for a Halloween costume, but as far as recreations go, this is pretty spot-on.

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