Netflix’s newest venture into uncomfortable yet addictive programming is Death by Magic, a new show featuring a host who has a long history of attempting bonkers stunts in the name of astonishing his audience. Drummond Money-Coutts’ magic videos, some of which are embedded below, show that he’s no stranger to dangerous and awe-inspiring tricks. He’s got a pretty good grasp on what he’s doing, but the fact that the entire premise of Death by Magic is to celebrate stunts that actually killed the people who initially attempted them makes his future endeavors even more worrisome.

DMC, as he prefers to be known, fell in love with magic at a very young age, according to a Vanity Fair profile from 2012. And in a post on his Instagram feed discussing the premiere of Death by Magic, DMC said he hopes that the show is a worthy tribute to those who came before him. The magician also said he thinks the fear he feels when attempting his tricks is part of the reason he continues to do so.

"It has been the greatest privilege of my life to create this body of work alongside my heroes within the industry, to capture beautiful magic across four continents — and even to have the experience of staring death in the face on multiple occasions," he wrote in the caption. "To feel the paralyzing rush of absolute fear, but then the fresh awakening of presence that comes each time the mind is able to transcend that fear."

DMC’s feats are definitely impressive, so take a peek before you see what he’s got up his sleeves on Death by Magic.

He Can Levitate

It’s hard to say how exactly he did this, but that’s part of the fun! DMC seemed to levitate above a park bench in the middle of a public area, without any help, before lowering himself back down.

He Manipulates These Rings

Again, it’s unclear how exactly these rings twirl in and out of one another to become intertwined and then separated again, and something tells me he’ll never let on his secret.

He Juggles Knives

I don’t even know if this qualifies as magic, but it sure does have to take a crazy amount of skill to pull it off. Don’t try this one at home. In fact, probably don’t try any of these tasks at home, just to be safe.

Card Tricks Are His Specialty

DMC has a knack for knowing exactly what card will come up at any given time, so not all of his stunts are huge, high stakes, flashy ordeals.

He’s A Master Of Escape

A far cry from the peaceful wonder induced by card tricks, DMC also does some pretty spectacularly anxiety-inducing stunts. In this one, he’s tied to two vehicles soaring at opposite directions, and if he doesn’t become free of his handcuffs before they cross paths, the unthinkable could happen. Yikes.

From the looks of it, DMC is ready to deliver some pretty stunning magic to Netflix, and so far he seems to have made it out unscathed. Judging by how willing he continues to be to test his limits, there’s no telling what outrageous stunts he could attempt next.

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