Now that it’s December, we officially have permission to make everything in our lives a touch more festive.

And if you’re due to have a baby any time between now and 1 January, a seasonal name could be perfect for your little bundle of joy.

If you’re after a little bit of inspiration – look no further. The most popular festive baby names have been revealed in new research by OnBuy.

It turns out, the most popular festive girl name is Mary with 11,303,734 babies worldwide having this name. Looks like those nativity plays really stuck with us.

Gloria comes in second place with approximately 3,345,404 babies having this name, making it the 126th most common name worldwide. This name is taken from the word glory, which features in many Christmas carols and is also most popular in the United States.

In third place is Karen, which holds the meaning ‘pure’ and is also the name of the girl who returned Frosty the Snowman to the North Pole. This name has been given to approximately 3,049,118 baby girls and is the 151st most popular name worldwide.

If you’re after something a little less common, why not go for Amaryllis. This is the least popular festive baby girl name with only 1,275 babies having this name.

The most popular festive baby girl names











David is the most festive baby boy name with nearly 13,500,000 babies worldwide with this moniker. Perfect if you like to keep things biblical.

Michael comes in second place with approximately 11,482,415 baby boys having this name, making it the 19th most common name in the world. This name derives from the Hebrew name Micha meaning ‘who is like God’.

In third place is Joseph, which also derives from Hebrew for ‘increase or addition’ and is the name of Jesus’ father. This name has been given to approximately 8,631,678 baby boys and is the 31st most common name worldwide.

Comet is the least common festive baby boy name, belonging to just 254 boys worldwide.

The most popular festive baby boy names











The researchers found that almost 8 in 10 would consider giving their child a festive name. Of those wanting a festive name, 94% believe that giving their child a name with festive connotations would make people around them more cheerful.

However, of the 22% who dislike seasonal names, 34% think they’re ‘tacky’, 21% think they’re ‘too mainstream’, and 11% think they’re ‘cringey’.

But humbug to those Scrooges. If you want to call your babies Holly and Mistletoe, don’t let anyone stop you.

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