Choosing what to call your dog is a big decision.

Your new four-legged friend is about to become a huge part of your life and you need a name that encapsulates both their personality and your interests as an owner.

A bad name can lead to some awkward interactions in the park (you’ll likely get some funny looks for screaming ‘Mr. Snufflebum’ at the top of your lungs across the field), so it’s important to choose wisely.

New data has predicted what the most popular names for our puppy pals are likely to be next year, and popular culture has had a big influence.

The figures from dog chew brand, Tasty Bone, has revealed that almost one in five dogs were named after a film character in the last year.

Marvel and DC characters are favoured, with Jarvis and Loki popular last year, as well as Harley, which could get an extra boost in popularity after the release of Birds of Prey featuring admired villain Harley Quinn.

The final instalment of the Avengers franchise smashed Box Office records in April, and a new TV show based on Loki has just been announced by Marvel, which could mean a further increase in popularity for this name in 2020.

Luke also featured after another Star Wars film came out last year and, with The Rise of Skywalker scheduled to be released in December, the name is probably going to keep popping up.

Disney inspired names are also very common, and Coco became the second most popular dog name in 2018, shortly after the film of the same name was released.

Frozen 2 is set to hit screens in November and whilst Elsa charted at number 85 last year with 2% of dogs having the name, this is likely to increase next year.

The top dog names for 2020

The predicted name trends for 2020 are:

Two per cent of Tasty Bone customers have also named their dogs Simba, and the name Lady placed 47 in a popular dog name list last year.

With the release of live action remakes of Lion King and Lady and the Tramp this year, it’s expected that even more owners will favour these names for their new pooch.

The Twilight craze led to Bella topping the pet name charts for both dogs and cats the year the final instalment was released, and it’s still the second most popular puppy name seven years later.

Charlie was in the top 10 for the last two years and, with the long-awaited release of Charlie’s Angels later this year, this name is expected to top the charts once again.

As well as movie characters, we also love naming our dogs after celebrities.

The rise of Cardi B in 2018 led to three times more dogs being given the same name as the star, and a total of one in seven dogs share their names with a celebrity.

Millie Bobby Brown’s award-winning performance this year in Stranger Things is expected to bring pup name, Millie, back into the limelight – it was the 10th most popular dog name two years ago.

Maggie Smith’s return to the big screen as the much-loved Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey is sure to put this pet name back in the limelight, and help it make a comeback from the top five in 2015.

So, if you want a truly original pet name, it might be best to think beyond the silver screen.

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