Things are looking bleak for Rick Grimes, to say the least. But is this the end for ‘The Walking Dead’s lead character? Here’s what we know about his accident — and his last conversation with Daryl. Plus, watch the new promo!

It’s no secret that Andrew Lincoln, 45, will be leaving The Walking Dead cast after eight and a half seasons leading the AMC show — but it’s finally starting to feel real! Rick Grimes has found himself in more than a few sticky situations, but episode four ended with the leader in the most dire straits of all. While leading a herd of walkers away from his community, the horse he was riding got spooked enough to throw Rick off of its back and straight onto a piece of rebar. With the jagged metal protruding from his stomach, Rick was left helpless, unable to run away from the zombies surrounding him. But will he die just like that, impaled to a concrete slab and eaten by walkers? It seems like such a weak ending for the beloved fighter.

But how did Rick get there in the first place? It all started when he received word that Maggie was on her way to Alexandria with very clear intentions — to kill Neegan, who Rick and Michonne had imprisoned. And while Rick understood her desire to get revenge on Neegan after he viciously murdered her husband Glenn, he didn’t think that killing the villain in cold blood was the right thing to do. So he warned Alexandria’s watchmen and saddled up a horse, only to have Daryl offer his motorcycle services instead. The two sped off, but Daryl completely missed the turn for Rick’s community, making it clear that he did so on purpose when he pulled over and slapped the walkie talkie out of Rick’s hand. He was giving Maggie her opportunity for revenge, but Rick wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

The tousle between the best friends ended quickly, with Rick and Darly falling into the middle of a huge pit. After an emotional conversation about letting go of Carl, the two were able to focus and scale the dirt walls by simultaneously climbing roots and dodging walkers. They wouldn’t have survived the climb without teamwork, of course, but the moment when Rick held his hand out and commanded his “brother” to take it was more depressing than it was sweet, considering Rick will only appear in one more episode. By this point, a herd of walkers had surrounded them and they split off to lead them away — thanks to the convenient arrival of a horse for Rick to ride.

Daryl was about to speed off when he turned back and told Rick, “Hey, be safe.” Rick said, “You, too,” ending what would probably be the last conversation they ever had, before each rode off in opposite directions. Shortly after, Rick’s horse got spooked and the protagonist was laid out on a piece of rebar.

While The Walking Dead fans have seen characters in some really sticky situations from crushed limbs to tense standoffs, this moment takes the cake. It’s impossible to see how Rick will find his way out of this one without divine intervention.

The preview for Rick’s final episode, though, shows him back on his feet — albeit a little bloody and worse for the wear. In a montage of images, he’s leading the herd across a bridge the Saviors just built, riding a horse among a sea of dead bodies and eating fast food in a car with Shane. Remember him? With such disjointed, dreamlike footage to end his journey, it’s hard to tell whether Rick really does get up and fight after he’s impaled — or if the last episode is simply drawing out his goodbye with some deathbed introspection and his life playing out before his eyes.

This is either the end or the beginning of the end, but whatever the case, we can’t wait to watch! The final installment of Rick’s journey will play out on Sunday, Nov. 4 on AMC.

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