Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead ahead!

If nothing else, we can always count on The Walking Dead to surprise us with something new every season! If you thought Andrew Lincoln’s exit, the six-year time jump, and the existence of Rick Grimes Jr. were big shockers, Sunday’s midseason finale is going to knock you off your feet. In a highly unanticipated turn of events, “Evolution” ended with the death of Paul “Jesus” Rovia, a fan favorite since his introduction in season six.

The Hilltop resident — who was the catalyst to Alexandria discovering the other established communities way back when — met his demise at the hands of the show’s next big bad, the Whisperers. The deadly group of survivors made their first “appearance” in episode seven, chasing Rosita and Eugene into a ravine and causing them to think that walkers were developing the ability to speak. In “Evolution,” the truth comes out during the rescue mission that ends up costing Jesus his life. Just before the group is able to make it safely out of the walker-infested cemetery, one of the disguised Whisperers grabs Jesus and fatally stabs him. In a callback to the comics, the Whisperer tells a dying Jesus (and the others who are watching, stunned in horror), “You are where you do not belong.” It’s a devastating blow for the group, especially since they discover that they’re now cornered by the remaining Whisperers, and the episode ends with us wondering if we’re going to lose another favorite before season nine is done.

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