If you see something, say something, but in Chloë Grace Moretz’s new movie Greta, she might wish she hadn’t. In the new trailer for Greta, Moretz is trapped in a chilling game of cat and mouse game with Greta, played by Isabelle Huppert, that starts with a misplaced handbag. Seriously, this one is a real doozy that will make you look at any stray bag left behind on a subway a whole lot differently.

So, who is Greta? Well, she’s a peculiar and lonely French piano teacher — not to mention, someone you definitely want to stay away from. Unfortunately, Frances (Moretz), a naïve and also lonely newcomer to New York City doesn’t realize this when she performs the good deed of returning Greta’s purse after finding it on the subway. She soon learns the hard way why those who enter Greta’s house rarely come out of it alive.

"I don’t get very many visitors here," Greta tells the young girl. "I’ve been so lonely since my daughter left." Since she just lost her mom herself, Frances is willing to fill in for Greta’s daughter since, as her mom used to say, she’s like "chewing gum, I tend to stick around."

And she does. The two women soon start spending their days together walking the dog, taking selfies, and dressing like one another. But, after one faithful dinner where Frances just so happens to open a cupboard filled with purses just like the one she found, she realizes her new friend is not who she’s made herself out to be. Their meeting wasn’t so happenstance after all.

It seems Greta’s racket is taking in young women just like Frances. Why? Well, that’s the twist that won’t be revealed until the movie hits theaters March 1, 2019. Let’s guess, though, it might have something to do with that daughter of hers.

The trailer for the film from The Crying Game director Neil Jordan, does give a creepy look into what it is Greta does once she’s got you under her thumb. She’ll stalk you and your friends, she’ll cause a scene at your job, she’ll trap you in an elevator, she’ll text you incessantly, and eventually she’ll end up sticking you with a needle full of poison. Greta is no joke. Seriously, did you see all that blood? And oh wait, are those bodies hiding underneath those tarps? All this and more is why you might end up watching this movie through your fingers.

Clearly, she won’t be ignored. "Just try to get rid of Greta," Huppert says with a cackle to end the trailer. While thoroughly disturbing, this parting message is rather intriguing. Just don’t let Greta’s maternal charms suck you in because you might never get out.

Moretz seems to be on a horror kick as of late since her last film was Suspiria. The remake of Dario Argento 1977 horror flick tells the tale of a young female dancer who travels to Germany to attend an elite ballet school. Don’t worry, next year Moretz will also be in a few films — Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs, The Addams Family — that won’t leave you sleeping with one eye open.

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