Baby Sussex may still be all cosy and tucked up in utero, but he or she is already the recipient of some serious swag.

There are all the goodies Meghan Markle would have received at the infamous baby shower.

Then there are the gifts which kindhearted members of the public will send. Unfortunately, the Royal Family have strict rules about this sort thing , so a number of these will either be politely returned or donated to charity.

That said, Meghan and Harry's firstborn is hardly likely to go without.

No doubt the royals will be generous and thoughtful when welcoming the littlest Windsor into the fold – and the Queen may have a very special gift in mind for her youngest great-grandchild.

According to diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley, Queen Elizabeth II will most likely pass down her special Botswana Flower brooch.

This gift will come with a very personal meaning to the royal couple.

"There are many heirlooms among the Queen’s impressive jewellery collection, but the Botswana Flower brooch is a frontrunner as a potential piece to be handed down to the soon-to-arrive royal baby ," Mobley tells  Marie Claire .

"Given to the Queen by the President of Botswana in 2007, the elegant brooch features 11 stunning pear shaped natural diamonds set in yellow gold."

Botswana is a famously special place to Meghan and Harry.

As Mobley points out, not only did the couple holiday there in the early days of the relationship, but Meghan's engagement ring also boasts a diamond from the country.

He adds: "The natural diamond industry has transformed the country of Botswana, enabling every child there to receive a free education up to the age of 13.

"Prior to diamond discovery, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world, but since then it has been transformed into one of Africa's most prosperous nations."

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