‘Kate tows the company line all the time, and that’s something that Queen Elizabeth very much wanted from Diana – which didn’t happen.’

Queen Elizabeth is said to be a firm fan of certain “quality” traits which Kate Middleton boasts in bucketfuls but which Meghan Markle apparently lacks, according to a royal insider.

The royal rumor mill suggests that of late, cracks are beginning to appear thick and fast in the “Royal Sisterhood,” with the two duchesses at each other’s throats due to a thunderous and earth-shattering clash of personality.

The Express reports that an insider claims the alleged tension between the two royal “outlaws” is because “They are very different women despite their similar circumstances. Meghan is an extrovert whereas Kate is quite shy.”

In the wake of the shock departure of Meghan’s personal assistant Melissa, sources suggest the former Suits star has become somewhat “difficult to work for.” There have even been rumors of Meghan “snapping at Palace staff.”

Suggestions have even been made that there were signs of a noticeable tension between Kate and Meghan back in February when they appeared at the first ever Royal Foundation forum.

Critics speculated that although she was an “American newcomer” and lower down the pecking order than the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan held herself with a good deal more gravitas and self-regard.

Of course, Kate is famous for her British reserve, and that is exactly one of the reasons why Queen Elizabeth is so fond of William’s wife.

Commentators often compare Kate and Meghan, as do the public at large, so it is only natural Queen Elizabeth places the two duchesses side by side in her mind’s eye and judges the merits and possible failings of each.

Royal reporter Ashley Pearson believes the queen treasures certain qualities which Kate embodies that Meghan just does not, per an Express report.

Ashley explained, “She likes that Kate is the embodiment of middle-class values and she likes that she’s close to her family.”

Of course, Meghan is well known for having a difficult relationship with her father and stepsister.

In contrast to Meghan, Ashley believes that “Kate tows the company line all the time, and that’s something that Queen Elizabeth very much wanted from Diana – which didn’t happen. She also wanted it from Sarah Ferguson – which didn’t happen.”

As a natural born actress, Meghan loves the limelight and is more daring with her fashion sense, compared to Kate who is something of a shy and retiring wallflower. Yet this is apparently another thing in Kate’s favor as far as the queen is concerned.

Royal insiders suggest that Kate is a “special favorite” of the queen because she consistently supports her family and understands the importance of blending into the background. Whereas Meghan is more of a full and frank figure who is not afraid to speak her mind and burn bridges.

It would appear as far as the queen is concerned, Kate and Meghan are as different as chalk and cheese.

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