Could Carrie Underwood be ‘The Masked Singer’s lion? One fan is certain that the country queen is hiding under that costume and has gone to great lengths to explain why!

The Masked Singer has everyone talking. The show is TV’s biggest musical mystery. With each performance, fans are desperate to find out just which celebrity is underneath the costume. After the lion’s performance of “California Dreamin” by Sia during the premiere, some fans are convinced that Carrie Underwood — yes, Carrie Underwood — is the lion.

Twitter user un poco loco explained his theory thoroughly on Twitter. He pointed out a past Carrie, 35, look that could be a huge clue that she’s underneath the lion costume. He also tweeted about why Carrie would have chosen a lion costume in the first place. “The #LionMask is @carrieunderwood I did way too much, but the only reasoning behind the selecting a lion would be for its metaphorical expression(bravery&courage) to describe Carrie’s overcoming of her recent struggles,” the fan wrote. This theory that Carrie is the lion has gone viral.

However, there’s a good chance that Carrie is not actually the lion. For one, the lion is supposed to be 5’6. Carrie is 5’3. During the lion’s introduction, it was revealed that she is Hollywood royalty. Carrie doesn’t come from a Hollywood family. She rose to fame after winning American Idol. She is country royalty, though. “In my pride, there are lots of women,” the lion said. Carrie is married to Mike Fisher. They have a son named Isaiah and are expecting another baby boy in 2019. She’s surrounded by boys! The more likely celebrities underneath the lion costume are Rumer Willis or Traci Braxton, both of whom fans have guessed on Reddit. All will be revealed in due time! The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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