Offset has officially released his first solo album. The album, Father of 4, marks the first time the rapper has released an entire album of solo music. He, of course, has released a bunch of albums as part of Migos with Quavo and Takeoff (as well as a collab album with 21 Savage), but Father of 4 marks his solo debut. The first song he dropped from the album was "Red Room." The song is super personal and all about his upbringing, but what about his current life? Are there any lyrics about his wife and kids on Father of 4? Luckily for fans, there are. And the lyrics about Cardi B on Offset’s Father of 4 are pretty telling.

On the night of the "Red Room" release, Offset tweeted a message to his fans revealing the inspiration behind the song.

"R E D R O O M A T M I D N I G H T RED ROOM SONG AND VIDEO COME OUT TONIGHT," he said in the tweet. "My first solo project I want to express my life let my fans know a little more about myself and of course some turn up !!! RED ROOM OUT TONIGHT #RedRoom." Given that the lead single from his first solo album was a personal track about his childhood and other past events of his life, it was safe to guess that other tracks on the album would follow suit.

With "Red Room," Offset rapped about growing up with his mother taking on both parenting roles for him. He covered police brutality, and he opened up about the nearly fatal car crash he got into in 2018. The crash completely totaled his car, but miraculously, he was left OK. In the "Red Room" music video, he wrote the names of his four children (Jordan, Kalea, Kody, and Kulture) on the walls of the literal red room he spends much of the video in. Combine all of those things together, and it’s pretty easy to guess that this entire solo album was going to be filled with some personal reveals.

You can watch the full "Red Room" music video here.

When Offset’s "Red Room" dropped on Feb. 13, Cardi B celebrated her husband’s first solo release. In her caption on Instagram, she addressed all of the details about Offset’s personal life outlined in the song.

"RED ROOM OUT NOW!" she said in her post. "Love the video and the creativity @offsetyrn .I cant wait till the album out is such a beautiful piece and I’m soo proud of you ! I always told you your life is such a wild story."

And now, there’s a bunch of lyrics throughout the album about his marriage with Cardi. Most specifically, their temporary breakup.

In the song "Don’t Lose Me," Offset seemingly raps about his feelings about their split in 2018. It starts out with audio from Offset’s infamous Instagram apologizing to Cardi B for cheating on her:

Later in the song, Offset raps:

He continues, rapping:

And in the song "North Star," it seems like Offset alludes to his breakup with Cardi as well:

The drama. There was speculation that their breakup was just a publicity stunt, as were his grand attempts to get Cardi back, but his lyrics throughout this song make it seem like the breakup was legit. They’re back together now, as they made crystal clear when Cardi won Best Rap Album at the Grammys and brought Offset on stage with her, referring to him as "husband." But times were tough between these two for a bit.

Offset also raps about Cardi on the track "On Fleek," where he raps:

And on the track "Wild Wild West," it seems like Offset is bringing up Cardi once more. He raps:

Later on, he continues:

Who knew this album was going to be such a family affair?! Here’s hoping Offset and Cardi appear in some music videos from this album together. I would love a Kulture cameo, too, y’all!!

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