Would you believe me if I told you that Victoria Beckham loves leggings? Not just to wear the gym, but also for running errands and handling business. I’m used to seeing her dressed in perfectly tailored suits and runway-worthy dresses. But apparently, she can’t say no to a great pair of leggings. (She even complimented my Spanx leggings when I interviewed her). Now she’s teamed up with Reebok to create the perfect pair in her very first full collection with the brand.

“Working out is a huge part of my life, and it’s something that I do every single day,” Beckham exclusively tells InStyle.com. “I work out seven days a week. I do a lot of work on the treadmill and I dance. So I was very specific about what I wanted when I started working with Reebok.”

Together, the duo created a collection of workout pieces that are undeniably high-fashion and — the most important part — functional. “I don’t want a fabric that’s going to show sweat marks. I sweat a lot. I don’t want something that’s going to bag around the knee or the bottom. I want it to hit at the right point at the waist. I don’t want seams that are going to irritate me or interrupt my workout. I almost don’t even want to feel the workout clothing that I’m wearing,” Beckham explains.

Besides the wear-everywhere leggings ($120), you’ll find a full range of fitness gear, including sports bras, joggers, and tank tops. There is outerwear, too, from bombers to packable jackets perfect for layering. All of the colors throughout the collection are very much on-trend — there are plenty of earthy khakis and neutral tones mixed with Beckham’s signature pops of orange.

“The collection also has a really cool pair of trainers ($30; reebok.com) that I’ll be wearing to the gym as well as with my ready-to-wear clothes,” Beckham adds. “There really are no rules.”

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