What NOT to do this Valentine’s Day: Women share the worst fails they’ve seen – including dead roses, rude texts and VERY awkward notes

  • Thousands of women have shared snaps of the biggest Valentine’s Day fails 
  • They include a bunch of coriander given as flower and steak love hearts 
  • Others received group texts, dead flowers and cookies cut into a rude shape 
  • Do you have a Valentine’s Day fail? Email [email protected] 

On February 14, thousands of couples around the the world will be showering each other with thoughtful gifts, intimate dinners and sweet love notes. 

And while many have mastered the art of romantic gift-giving, others leave a lot to be desired. 

Here, FEMAIL looks at the biggest Valentine’s Day fails of all time – from a bunch of coriander given as flowers and rude text messages to steaks and burgers cut into the shape of hearts. 

This woman revealed that she received a bunch of coriander from her boyfriend instead of a bouquet of flowers

One woman was left defeated by her sugar cookies when she used heart and arrow cookie cutters that ended up leaving her cookies looking rather rude

‘I couldn’t even make this up if I tried. My husband told the florist don’t bother putting anything on a card because I’d know who it was from,’ a woman captioned a photo of a florist writing on a card instead of leaving it blank as directed

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‘So…uhhh….This happened to me this morning! This folks is why girls are single. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you single ladies out there,’ a woman wrote about a group message she received 

‘Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate that may possibly be tainted with E.coli.’ one person captioned this photo

‘Ummmm yeah…. because who wouldn’t want to buy a heart shaped slab of meat…. with a rose. Inside. On the meat,’ another shopper said

One man who was wanting to make a romantic meal for his husband ended up accidentally burning his hand when he placed a frying pan into a 400 degree oven which he then picked up by the scorching metal handle with his hand

This woman was left disappointed when her wine was turned into ice after being in the freezer and her chocolate was melted after her cat sat on it 

‘When your husband forgets to get you a Valentine card,’ a woman captioned a photo of toast with butter her husband gave her and drew a heart in

An Instagram user shared a photo of an unfortunate box of chocolate tools a department store is selling for Valentine’s Day with the slogan ‘cool like a tool’

A disappointed woman shared a photo of flowers her husband ordered to be sent to her but arrived completely wilted

‘Show your loved ones how much you care this Valentine’s Day without individual strawberries wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam,’ a person captioned this photo

This person attempted to make a cake she saw on Pinterest (left) and was disappointed with the result (right) 

A woman was rather pleased with herself after gifting this personalised cake to her husband – whether he enjoyed it is another story  

One woman received a frozen and wilted bouquet of roses after her partner left them in the car overnight when it was zero degrees

This man was gifted a burger in the shape of a heart – he was not happy about the size of it  

A woman took a photo of bamboo that was meant to be in the shape of a heart but unfortunately half of it was dead – and the shape didn’t quite work out

‘Woke up early and made heart shaped cinnamon rolls with pink icing. One ate it and said, “Next year you should make heart shaped toaster strudels”. One didn’t touch it and one just ate some of the icing off,’ a mother said

A mother shared a photo of the disaster scene their dog left behind when they found the Valentine’s Day chocolates – she commented that at least her dog was okay

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