The cast opens up about their death scenes and whether they’d be down for a sequel.

“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” is one helluva bloody movie, one filled with exploding bodies, decapitations and impalements — and we’re breaking down a few of the wildest kills.

TooFab talked spoilers with stars Robbie Amell and Hana Mae Lee, where one of them revealed they took a gruesome prop home with them after filming.

Lee’s goth girl Sonya is run over multiple times in the film, before being slammed into a rock wall after a ride atop a muscle car. The pièce de résistance of her death scene however: a surfboard flying off the roof of the car, separating her head from her body.

“It was great. I was on that car for a good like hour I think and it’s me just yelling and pounding on the glass,” said Lee, who added the car was on a rig, “so everything was safe.”

“I think how they cut the running over scenes were really funny,” she added, before revealing, “I got to keep the decapitated head which was pretty cool. I love that thing.”

“I got to keep it! So, I have it here,” she exclaimed. “When I first brought it home I showed my dog and he was like looking at the head and looking at me, looking at the head, looking at me and really confused.”

So where does one keep a decapitated head in one’s home? “Right now, it’s on one of my shelves, like it’s just hanging out there.”

For Robbie’s jock Max, he has quite the set piece before his eventual death too. After failing to kill Cole and Phoebe with an axe, they hop on a motorboat with him trailing behind on a tube. He’s burned alive, before finally losing his face to the motor underwater.

Giving props to his stunt double for all the fire moments, Amell said “watching that was unbelievable.”

“And then we shot the propeller cutting my face off in a little tank with a bunch of cameras underneath and it was a tennis ball on a stick that I had to like slide towards and try and get my face as close to it as possible without hurting myself,” he explained. “So it’s kind of weird movie magic, but it’s really fun to watch back. I know all my friends and family will get a kick out of seeing my face get ripped off.”

Both stars were also thrilled to die yet another time at the very end of the movie, as they completely disintegrate after failing to complete a satanic ritual. The final shot of the movie — which occurs during the credits — shows Bee’s book didn’t get sent to Hell with the cultists, teasing a potential third movie.

Director McG has said he would love to make the franchise a trilogy — and both Lee and Amell would be down.

“I would love to see me as like decapitated body parts that are alive,” said Lee. “They’re live things even though they aren’t connected to a body … or embody another person so Cole can never trust anybody his whole life, so when he’s 80, we’ll be there to haunt him.”

“I’ll keep doing this movie as long as McG and [producer Mary Viola] want me to. I have a lot of fun on set with them. We’ve become a fun family when we’re on set and just trying to have a great time,” added Amell.

“[Andrew Bachelor] and I always joke around and that’s when I get to see him most, we’re both busy doing our own thing,” he continued. “It’s always nice to come back and revisit this and goof around because it’s such an outrageous movie. You just get a lot of freedom. So, Hana Mae, Bella, kind of the originals from the first one, Judah, Emily and Samara. I’d love to keep it going but who knows?”

He added: “We’ve all died a few times. I’m sure we could die a few more.”

“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” is streaming now on Netflix.

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