Summertime does not only usually mean music festivals in the city — it also brings on concert series from TV’s morning shows that give you good reason to set your alarm on a Friday.

This year, though, it won’t be quite the same: “Good Morning America” won’t be taking over Central Park Summerstage, nor will the “Today” show be rocking Rockefeller Plaza. Still, the show — and the music — must go on, and both morning shows that regularly feature Friday concerts (What’s up with that, “CBS This Morning?” ) will still keep the sounds of summer playing.

While “GMA” no doubt has the best lineup this summer, both morning shows have their share of hot bookings. Here are the eight best reasons to wake up and get your summer swerve on — from your quaratine-ish couch:

Andra Day

“Today” show, June 12

The Grammy-nominated R&B chanteuse — a throwback to Billie Holiday, with a little Lauryn Hill thrown in for good measures — told us to “Rise Up” with their her signature anthem. Now she is back lifting souls and spirits with “Make Your Troubles Go Away,” sentiment we can all relate to right about now.

John Legend

“Good Morning America,” June 19

Whatever you think of him being a coach/judge on “The Voice,” Legend is simply one of the best singers in the business. And any chance to see him do his thing live — when you’re not wife Chrissy Teigen — is not to be missed. And he’s got a new album, “Bigger Love,” out the same day we are expecting big vocals.


“Good Morning America,” June 26

The mystery of Sia remains. So when you can get a glimpse of the woman behind the curtain — and all of the various kinds of disguise — you gotta show up. She’s also got new music in “Together,” a single that we could all use to bring us just that.

Megan Thee Stallion

“Good Morning America,” Aug. 21

Judging by her hit “Savage” with Beyoncé jumping on that remix, it’s going to be another “Hot Girl Summer” for this rapper. And we are so here for the savageness she brings to the stage.

Mariah Carey

“Good Morning America,” TBD

It’s Mimi. What else is there to say? Break out the champagne in the morning and just be there, dahlings.

The Dixie Chicks

“Today” show, TBD

It’s been a while since the county rebels told us they were “not ready to make nice.” And “nice” is exactly what we don’t need right now. As these chicks get ready to launch “Gaslighter” — their first studio album since 2006 — we can’t wait to see what fires they are ready to turn up now.

Ricky Martin

“Today” show, TBD

If hotness could be one artist, then Mr. “La Vida Loca” would certainly be on the short list. But beyond his ability to shake his bon-bon better than anybody else in the game, Martin is a one of the best pure entertainers in the business. Any stage he is on is sexier and more caliente for it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Today” show, TBD

In addition to the film version of “Hamilton” hitting your home screens this summer, Miranda will be shaking it up with a TV take on his “Freestlye Love Supreme” show. Sounds like a good reason to bust out your freestyle moves in the morning.

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