We’ve reached the second episode of Season 23 of The Bachelor, meaning we’ve got a slew of cringe-y dates happening, an unending amount of cringe-y drama ensuing, and even more lewks to peep. Between the first two group dates, the first solo date, and the rose ceremony, the 8 best looks from Colton’s season of The Bachelor episode two run the gamut of expertly accessorized outfits, stunning evening gowns, and a pretty damn good suit, if you ask me.

If you watched the season premiere last week, then you know the girls of this season pulled out every stop when it came to the stand-out gowns — or, uh, sloth costumes — they stepped out the limo in. There were modernized versions of a Cinderella gown. There were two-piece outfits. There were too many freaking sequins to count. Hell, there were even two of the same red dress. This week, however, we got a look into not only some prime evening wear, but a look at some of the girls’ casual outfits as well.

As the number of girls in the Bachelor mansion dwindles, so do the stakes for the winner of best dressed for every episode. So read on, in reverse chronological order, to see the Very, Totally, Definitely Official Best Looks from the second episode:

Honorable Mention: Demi In Her Robe

Love or hate this sneaky stunt from Demi, you have to admit that robe looked pretty damn comfy. 10/10 would slip on that robe, pour a glass of wine, and laugh maniacally for five hour straight.

7. Bri Plus A Striped Shirt, Minus An Australian Accent

Look, I’m honestly just a sucker for button down shirts. Sue me, OK? Still, Bri’s look above is a super casual-yet-cute outfit. Sure, it might’ve been better with an Australian accent, but we can’t have it all, you know?

6. Hannah G. In Powder Blue Looking Scared AF

Hannah G. may be losing it silently as Colton gives out roses, but what she doesn’t need to lose it over is her dress. The pale blue, form-fitting dress with a structured, off-the-shoulder neckline is super chic. And again, Hannah G. got a rose. Not saying the dress had anything to do with it, but the dress had everything to do with it.

5. Angelique Making Her (Unfortunate) Walk Out Of The Mansion In White

TBH, shame on Colton for sending Angelique home and making her waste a damn good dress on him? The long, off-the-shoulder white gown with a thigh-high slit was classic, elegant, and looked incredible on her. Don’t worry, Angelique. You don’t need Colton when you have a dress like this.

4. Demi (Again) Standing Next To Her Arch Nemesis Tracy

OK, I’m sure Tracy and Demi and both great people IRL. Still, that doesn’t mean they were without their little tiffs during episode two. But anyway, we aren’t here to talk about the tiffs. We’re here to talk about the fact that Demi’s short, nude-colored dress with white, gold-outlined appliqués is actually really pretty. All I’m saying is, the girl knows exactly what she’s doing.

3. Onyeka And Her Airhorn

I hate airhorns and really anything that makes unnecessary loud noises (because, like, why?), but I don’t hate Onyeka’s short, emerald green dress with rhinestone stripes. The jewel tone paired with the sparkling details and the asymmetrical hemline make this look equal parts beautiful, interesting, and on-trend… even with the airhorn.

2. Tracy And Her Hat Deep In Concentration

A hat can either make or break your look, but at the end of the day, a hat is a power move. Consisting of some Vans, a loose, striped button down, and a cream-colored, wide-brimmed hat, Tracy’s outfit during the first group date of the night screamed, "I don’t even care what’s happening around me because I’m wearing this hat." And TBH, I’m feeling it.

1. Megan Mullally, Ending My Life In This Suit

I may be biased on this, but on episode two, there was a clear winner in terms of the best look, and that winner is my queen Megan Mullally. You can fight me on that. The Will & Grace actress appeared on the first group date with her husband Nick Offerman in a truly sensational grey pantsuit with a repeating pattern and what looks like embroidered hemlines. Even better, she wore a graphic tee over a collared shirt underneath the suit, with red kicks. Have you ever seen something so iconic? IDGAF what your answer is, because the correct answer is no, you haven’t. Long live Big Suit Energy, and long live Megan Mullally.

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