Ah, Bachelor fam, we really need to stop meeting like this. Just kidding. I wouldn’t want to meet any other way than to discuss the best outfits from week four of Colton’s The Bachelor. It really does bring me the joy I need to see another week (and another episode of this show) through. Before we get into the ~glitz~ and the ~glam~ and the ~fashion~, I think it’s important that we briefly discuss the very serious themes the current episode addresses.

This week on The Bachelor, the contestants were whisked away Singapore to have what seemed like a wonderful time immersed in the culture. While Tayshia enjoyed an adventurous one-on-one date with Colton that I’m sure got loads of adrenaline pumping, the group date girls got to gallivant about the town. Then, it came time for the second one-on-one date of the episode: one between former Miss North Carolina Caelynn Miller Keyes and Colton. The two shared a romantic day and night together, and opened up to each other quite a lot.

During the date, Caelynn opened up to Colton about her experience as a survivor of sexual assault, sparking an emotional, powerful conversation between the two. Continued conversation about the occurrence and the effects of sexual assault, as well as the stories of survivors is absolutely crucial to both helping end sexual assault and ensuring survivors feel supported. As you watch tonight’s episode, consider donating to these organizations committed to helping survivors of sexual assault.

Now, without further ado, here were some of the best outfits of the night:

Honorable Mention: Nicole

The above photo doesn’t do Nicole’s group date outfit justice. She paired a light blue, off-the-shoulder top with super pouffy long sleeves with a denim skirt to create an über cute yet casual date look.

Yellow There, Tracy

We didn’t get a good look at the bottom portion of Tracy’s group date outfit, but I was definitely feeling the top. The bright yellow dress featured a higher collar and fuchsia, blue, and purple designs. Overall, it was unexpected amid a sea of sequins and LBDs, and I’m into it.

Heather In Teal

I guess I’m a sucker for long sleeves tonight. Regardless, Heather’s dress at the rose ceremony was the perfect shade of teal with chic long sleeves and a plunging v-neck. It was an interesting silhouette overall.

Elyse In Her Sequin Naked Dress

If there’s any type of dress having a major moment this year, it’s naked dresses. Elyse’s long sleeve, short naked dress with silver sequin detailing over the whole thing is right on trend and shines well above the rest.

Caelynn In All The Freaking Outfits Colton Bought Her

Fight me on this one, but Caelynn deserved every single good thing that came to her this week, especially after the strength she showed in opening up about her experience. From the Lisa Von Tang LBD with long, fringed sleeves to the Lisa Von Tang embellished jackets, sports bras, and pants to the several ornate gowns she tried on, Caelynn has slid into her rightfully deserved spot atop this list.

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