Teresa Giudice is ‘feeling the added pressure of being the only source of income right now,’ so she saw no problem with her ad for water loss supplements — especially since she doesn’t believe they’re ‘dangerous.’

Teresa Giudice, 48, has to worry about being the breadwinner in her family of six, not negative comments underneath her Instagram post for herbal diuretics on April 16. “Teresa Giudice is completely unphased and paying no attention to the fan backlash she’s received from her latest endorsement,” a source close to The Real Housewives of New Jersey star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Teresa is a hard worker and is open to pretty much all and anything that’s going to make her money right now.” Money is especially a priority right now, as her husband Joe Giudice, 46, was in prison for 41 months, and has remained in custody of ICE since March 14.

“Teresa has always been happy to support several products, but especially with Joe away and feeling the added pressure of being the only source of income right now, Teresa needs to take every opportunity thrown her way,” our source explains. That means the Bravo star is going to capitalize on her immense social media platform, which boasts 1.6 million Instagram followers. “Teresa is popular and her fans are always paying attention to what she’s promoting, therefore, she receives several offers for social media posts and endorsement deals,” our source continues. “Teresa has a daughter [Gia, 18] entering college next year and to her, this is work, so of course she’s going to take opportunities that are thrown her way as she has bills to pay.”

In addition to Gia, Teresa has three more daughters who may also follow in their older sister’s footsteps to college: Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10. But financial matters aside, Teresa doesn’t agree with the water pill critics anyways! “However, Teresa didn’t feel they were dangerous diet pills and she didn’t expect backlash,” our source clarifies. “She’d never put her name on something she felt was dangerous.”

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Teresa was specifically promoting MHP’s XPEL, an herbal diuretic that claims to promote “rapid water loss,” “reduce bloating” and support “weight loss” on its box for fruit-flavored drink mixes (the product also comes in capsules). Although Teresa insisted the weight loss supplements (which only offer temporary results) were “great” and revealed that she used it before a bodybuilding competition, fans had other thoughts. “It’s insane you’re advertising this crap , I guess for what ever you get a penny is what counts ! Glad people know how bad this is for the body,” one such fan claimed, while another follower asked, “But is it safe?”

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