While Chelsea Houska gave birth to daughter Layne in Aug. of 2018, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans are getting a sneak peek at video of the baby being born in Monday’s upcoming episode. We’ve got the emotional first look.

Try to watch this video though to the end and not get misty with happiness for Chelsea Houska. MTV released a sneak peek of Monday, Feb. 11’s Teen Mom 2 episode where she gives birth to daughter Layne and it is so heartwarming. It follows the reality star and husband Cole DeBoer throughout the day of August 29, 2018 where the couple rushed to the hospital as her contractions grew closer and closer together. “It’s your birthday. Oh my God,” Cole tells her while holding her hand during the early morning drive. “I got two girlies with the same birthday. This is your gift. It’s a good gift,” he assures her. Chelsea’s 27th birthday fell on the day she gave birth to Layne. “Does this mean she’s going to be just like me?” she asks Cole about the wild timing and he sweetly tells her “Gonna be just as amazing as you.” BEST HUSBAND EVER!

Chelsea explains that her nine-year-old daughter Aubree is with her mom and that Cole’s parents are heading to the hospital to pick up Cole and Chelsea’s s two-year-old son Watson. Once they arrive at the hospital she gives her son a big kiss goodbye before saying “I’m so emotional” and wiping a tear from her eye. Then it’s go-time as Chelsea and her 30-year-old husband head into the room where she’s going to give birth. She’s seen in labor and pushing as Cole holds her hand and sweetly rubs her shoulders to comfort her during the delivery. Then out comes their baby girl!

The video includes a still shot of their daughter literally right after she entered the world, as she still had amniotic fluid on her and her umbilical cord attached to Chelsea. Next is video of handsome Cole looking down and beaming at his new daughter, who is swaddled in a blanket and wearing a pink knit beanie on her head to keep her warm in the new world she has entered. Chelsea still in her hospital bed holds the baby close to her chest as the name Layne Ettie appears on screen.

Then we see  their entire beautiful family of five all together gathered around Chelsea, who is holding on to little Layne as Cole, Watson and Aubree all beam at the newest member of the DeBoer-Houska household. This video is just so darn sweet and we can’t wait to tune in Monday to see all of the family’s joyous day. Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.


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