The show must go on! Taylor Swift legit blew her nose onstage at her concert and tossed the tissue into the audience! Is that gross or hilarious? Watch the footage and decide!

The never-ending cold strikes again! Poor Taylor Swift had to pause her show last night in Auckland, New Zealand to take care of a situation. It was raining yet again during the concert, and it really started to get to her. “This isn’t our first rain show,” Taylor told her fans while pulling out a tissue. “So, I’m not saying that I’m getting colds because we’re constantly playing in the rain, but I’m NOT not saying that I’m always getting colds because we’re playing in the rain. But it’s worth it because it’s so fun, right?”

Taylor proceeds to blow her nose hard, then looks around for where to put the evidence. She winds up tossing it off the stage into the front row. “I’m so sorry about this. Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she yelled. Whether that’s gross or hilarious depends on the person, we guess. We’re leaning toward funny, but we weren’t the person hit by Taylor’s snot. Something she didn’t think about — now some random New Zealander has obtained enough DNA to make a Taylor Swift clone!!

This actually isn’t the first time Taylor’s had to do this in concert. She had to pause onstage during her Cleveland, Ohio show to quickly blow her nose, but scurried off to the side of the stage to do it discreetly. Girl’s been on the road with the Reputation tour for awhile; she doesn’t have time to care anymore!

In fact, during her Sydney, Australia concert, she literally ripped off her false eyelashes when it started raining too hard for her to see through them! The show must go on!

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