Trouble is brewing for Dipi (Sharon Johal) and Pierce (Don Hany) as they get complacent in their dirty affair in Neighbours. It gets discovered by the one person other than their spouses that they really, really don’t wan to – Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). Uh oh spaghettios.

When Pierce hears about everything that’s happened with Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) and Ned (Ben Hall), his first instinct is to run straight to Dipi to offer his support. An oblivious Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) just sees Pierce being supportive to a pal, she has no idea what’s really going on. But seeing him so caring reminds her of what a good guy he is and she starts to consider having kids with him again.

She really is clueless. While she’s having romantic thoughts of a future with Pierce, he’s off doing the nasty with Dipi in the Lassiters office of all places. But Karma is about to get the cheating scoundrel when he and Dipi are caught in the middle of doing it – by Paul of course.

This is exactly what Paul needs. He is awash with smugness and is ready to use this incredible leverage to his advantage. He holds Pierce and Dipi to ransom – Pierce must sell his shares of the hotel to Paul or Paul will reveal everything. As their argument escalates Chloe walks in on them. She is that close to finding out.

Now Pierce is in a bind, does he sell the shares to keep the secret and give Paul full control, or come clean to Chloe?

While he ponders that thought, Paul is taunting Dipi with innuendos, leading her to wonder if he knows about her and Pierce. Pierce tells Dipi what’s happened and the two of them begin to think about how the heck they’ll get out of this one.

But in a bit of a plot twist for Paul, Pierce and Chloe are brought closer together when Hendrix acts out and they come together as parents. Angry, Paul dishes out another ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Dipi has an incredibly close call when Nell finds the diamond necklace Pierce gave her. She brushes it off as costume jewellery and Shane thinks it’s gorgeous, urging her to wear it with no idea of its true origin. It’s brought Dipi to Earth with a bump about how close she came. Is it time for her to just come clean?

Scenes air from Monday 16th November on Channel 5.

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