Bella Hadid and the Weeknd have a slew of magazines spread across the coffee table of their massive TriBeCa apartment, trophies of Hadid’s successful year; she’s on the cover of all of them. Paris Hilton has framed magazine covers, portraits, and even a throw pillow with her likeness printed on the front. Seemingly every Kardashian has a life-size portrait of herself somewhere in her home.

And from the sound of things, Jake Gyllenhaal is also a member of this refined contingent of celebs who enjoy gazing upon their own likeness. According to Page Six, on a recent visit to a downtown New York art-framing store, an anonymous source overheard a curious conversation: A collector, the recent recipient of a coveted portrait of himself by a beloved artist, wondered if it would be too vain to get his portrait framed. Instead of pointing to any the aforementioned, the shop owner instead looked to the Donnie Darko actor: “Jake Gyllenhaal comes in all the time, and I’ve never framed something for him that’s not a picture of himself,” the owner told the collector, according to the Page Six “spy.”

Of course, context is key: Another unnamed source, this one “close to the actor,” per Page Six, clarified that Gyllenhaal’s alleged art displays are, in fact, movie posters. So perhaps he really just likes looking at the faces of previous costars like Heath Ledger and Amy Adams. Or maybe playing an art critic onscreen has, in addition to making him very ornery, given him a taste for fine works, like, for example, his own visage.

In any case, we’d like some more specifics: What movies are we talking about here? What kind of framing does he opt for? Are they displayed throughout his home, or does he gift his movie posters to friends and loved ones? Many questions.

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