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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, became a senior member of the Royal Family when she married Prince Edward, 56. She will often step out with members of the Royal Family and is thought to have a good relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, 94.

When Sophie first met her husband, she was working in public relations.

While she stayed out of the public eye before her wedding Sophie was quick to adapt to her royal role.

Over the years, the mother-of-two appears to have taken on increasing responsibilities in the family.

Sophie is often seen out in public by herself and with Prince Edward.

Her attitude towards royal life may have helped her form a close relationship with her mother-in-law, the Queen.

Body language expert Judi James claimed the monarch may have known Sophie was a good match for Prince Edward.

In fact, the expert claimed Sophie has helped to “settle” her husband since they met.

Judi told Express.co.uk: “After seeing her other children’s marriages end in disaster, the closeness could be seen as a sign that the Queen might well have sensed Sophie was good for her youngest Edward.

“Sophie’s air of confident strength seems to have had a very settling effect on Edward too.”

Prince Edward is the only one of the Queen’s children to have not separated from their spouse.

Commenting on their relationship, Judi explained they still appear to enjoy each other’s company.

She added: “They seem to make one another laugh and Sophie’s eye-connect as she chats and smiles suggests the admiration and love might be mutual.

“Not many long-married couples use this amount of eye contact when they’re out socialising and it suggests the pair really do enjoy one another’s company.”

The Countess has also been shown to have one of the closest relationships with the Queen, Judi continued.

She said: “Sophie’s calm, unfussy and upbeat-looking body language and behaviour seems to have impressed the Queen years ago and the pair are said to be close.

“Sophie is said to be the daughter-in-law that the Queen gets on the best with.”

Sophie and Prince Edward live near the Queen’s home at Windsor Castle and have spoken in the past – before coronavirus restrictions – about regularly visiting the monarch.

The Countess is also thought to share similar interests with the Queen.

Judi added: “Shots of the two women together show them looking like friends, with Sophie adopting some relaxed, confident and down-to-earth body language when she is with her mother-in-law.

“We’ve seen Sophie recently stepping up to the plate and her appearances at the Queen’s side often fills the gap left now that Prince Philip has retired from public view.”

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