If you fancy a new tipple for summer, Smirnoff is set to launch two new flavours.

The range includes an orange, grapefruit and bitters tipple and a raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla beverage, which you’re supposed to mix with soda water.

But the bottles will include less alcohol than the original Smirnoff vodka.

Both spirits contain 23% ABV – compared to 40% in bottles of Smirnoff’s Red Label vodka.

The vodkas can be found next to the Smirnoff Vanilla and Smirnoff Raspberry, which contain around 37.5% ABV.

And you’ll have to spend more money on these new tipples too.

A 500ml bottle of Smirnoff Red Label costs £12.50 from Tesco, while the infusion spirits could retail for £14.

But prices may change once they reach supermarket shelves as retailers can set their own prices.

According to the Sun, you’ll have to wait until June to buy the drinks in supermarkets.

Those looking to cash in on the offer will have to do so before April 22.

Lauren Bungay, Asda Spirits Buyer, said: “Jack Daniel’s is one of the nation’s most-loved whiskies, so we’re pleased to be providing them with high-quality bottles at great value.

“Easter is a time to gather with family and friends, and we want to help our customers enjoy these moments with the perfect pour, great for enjoying on-the-rocks, blended with a favourite mixer, or as part of a whisky-based cocktail.”

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