It’s modern romance at its finest.

Rocco the African grey rescue parrot has found his soulmate, and her name is Alexa.

According to National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Watford, U.K., the bird is smitten with his owner’s Amazon speaker.

Marion Wischnewski, a NAWT staff member, said she has caught the parrot romancing Alexa.

“I come home … and he has romantic music playing,” Wischnewski said in NAWT’s release about the headline-making pet.

Alexa returns Rocco’s love by letting the bird use her for his shopping needs. Rocco, who, like many African greys, is quick to pick up words and mimic humans, has used his voice to order “strawberries, watermelon, raisins, broccoli and ice cream” for himself through the Amazon product.

The deliveries are often a surprise to Wischnewski, who said, aside from the occasional shopping spree, that Rocco “has the sweetest personality.”

Earlier this year, the parrot was found flying around as a stray and was brought to NAWT’s Berkshire center, where Wischnewski works. Rocco was kept in the shelter’s office, where he amused staff members with his bad behavior, including the occasional cussing fit. After some time at NAWT, Rocco began to calm down and eventually won over Wischnewski, who decided to adopt him.


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