Carving a pumpkin is a crucial part of Halloween festivities but there is no denying scooping out the sticky seeds is the least enjoyable part.

Luckily, a video demonstration of how to easily do it with an electric whisk has gone viral on TikTok – with viewers branding the hack "genius".

In the clip, uploaded by user @katemack8, a classic orange pumpkin gets carved in double-quick time.

Firstly, Kate carves the "lid" off in the usual way, making use of a custom pumpkin-carving knife to slice around the stalk in a circle.

With the top removed, Kate grabs hold of her electric whisk, sticks it inside the squash, and turns it on.

The whisk quickly churns up the seeds and pulp, completely blitzing the sticky mixture away from the sides to give a clean finish.

Kate can then easily scoop out and dispose of the innards with a spoon.

The trick went down a treat with more than "4,000" likes and many people who tried it said it really did work like a dream.

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Unfortunately, some viewers said it was too late for them this year.

One frustrated viewer joked: "Now you tell me this after a spent years scooping it out with my bare hands getting them all sticky and slimy. Glad I know now."

Someone else branded the method a "game-changer" and another called the tip "genius".

"I did this, thank you it’s so much easier," gushed a fan.

Pumpkin-carving pros also commented with their own tips, such as cutting from the bottom to give a flatter base and leaving the "lid" intact.

Another popular hack is to use Halloween-themed cookie cutters to put spooky designs in your pumpkin.

By placing a steel cookie cutter on the surface of a carved pumpkin and gently hitting it multiple times with a hammer, you can get complicated patterns like stars or ghosts that would be a challenge to carve out by hand.

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