Savvy shopper has made £8,000 in three years during her COMMUTE by using the time to turn her old receipts into freebies and cashback

  • Amy-Rose Grenside, 31, travels from Southampton to London Waterloo daily
  • She spends 12 hours a week looking up money saving deals and using cash apps
  • She recommends ‘stacking’ where you uses multiple offers for huge bargains

A savvy commuter has made £8,000 in three years by saving her old receipts combined with other cash-saving deals, during her two-hour twice daily train ride.

Amy-Rose Grenside, 31, travels everyday from Southampton to London Waterloo, where she works.

During her long train ride, the busy commuter scans and saves all of her receipts using a phone app, which has proven to be seriously lucrative.

Amy first got into couponing after seeing a US TV show.    

Amy-Rose Grenside, 31, travels everyday from Southampton to London Waterloo, where she works and the self-confessed workaholic who hates wasting any free time uses her four hour daily commute to upload receipts to get money off and freebies

Amy donated this haul of products – which she got mostly free from Boots – to a women’s shelter and often uses her freebies to make others happy 

‘I was watching a programme on the TV about extreme couponing in the US’ she told Femail.

‘There was a young chap on there called Jordon Cox who is known as the “coupon kid.”

‘He showed how easy it was and was very enthusiastic about cashback.

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‘I thought, “It can’t be that easy”. I researched it and ended up downloading six different apps onto my iPhone.’


Self-confessed workaholic Amy says she hates wasting her time so uses any spare time she has to upload receipts.

She mostly uses Receipt Hog, available for free on iPhone and Android.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you take pictures of receipts and earn ‘coins’.

Different receipts will earn different rewards, for example, if a purchase of less than £10 will earn 5 coins.

But a receipt of £10-£49.99 will earn you 10 coins, and anything from £50-£99.99 will earn you 15 coins. 

Receipts more than £100 will earn the shopper 20 coins.

Once these have added up to 1,000 coins, they can be converted.

1000 coins can earn a £3 Amazon gift card, and 1500 will earn you a £5 Paypal voucher.

With 12,000 coins shoppers will get £50 to spend on Amazon and PayPal.   

Amy, who spends about 12 hours a week finding the best bargains, coupons, and money saving hacks said she ‘really got into couponing’ when her father fell ill with cancer in August 2017. 

‘I would visit once a week and take my freebies for Dad to try, and he’d take them into hospital and share them with the nurses’ she said.

‘Coffee, tea and sugar that I had, I donated to the nurses station on the oncology ward. 

Altruistic Amy also spends time with people showing them how to use the apps and then how to get the best out of the offers in store then combining them, which is known as ‘stacking’.

She also donates many of the goods she gets for free to those in need.

‘At least once a year I package up the washing products and sanitary products I have accumulated through freebies and mainly Boots giveaways, and send them to one of the many online appeals for homeless shelters and Period Poverty groups.’ 

Amy believes she’s saved around £8,000 in three years through a combination of couponing, cashback deals and uploading receipts . 

‘I do have people asking me questions about the couponing and the money saving, and most of the people who ask me say it must take a long time to do. 

Amy bought an Asus laptop with £100 worth of vouchers she made from returning her receipts

Amy, pictured with her late father, ‘really got into couponing’ when her father fell ill with cancer in August 2017. She would give some of her freebies to the nurses on his oncology ward

Amy with her sisters Katie (left) and Fiona (centre) said that she loves sharing he freebies with her family


  • Do not buy something just because you have a coupon unless it works out free. You are defeated the object of the exercise if you are spending not saving.
  • If something is free and you don’t need it, that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t need it. For the few hours/days that the money is not in your account, someone else could be having a meal and all you have done is spent the money initially.
  • Always research any purchase that is likely to be a high one. I very very rarely spend full price on anything. It never hurts to ask for a discount, you may feel cheeky for a few minutes whilst you’re in the shop, but your bank balance will thank you later!
  • The main rule I have is, if it is free always take it – there is someone who may need it more than you.

‘I counter this with, “It may seem a long time to you, but the joy and happiness it brings people is worth it”. 

‘There are a lot of people who may think that my time could be spent more wisely. But I think raising money for charity, donating food and drinks to food banks, homeless shelters, the local women’s refuge, clothes and shoe appeals is a wise way to spend my personal and free time.

The commuter also spends time to help others get into couponing, and has a Facebook page, where she shares the best deals.

‘I have a Facebook page, Appy Savers, which I update when there is a good deal and there are free items on the Apps.   

‘The coupon App “GreenJinn” is a favourite of mine as it encourages people to buy fruit, veg, fresh produce, new to the market products and store cupboard essentials like bread, milk and cheese. 

‘I have definitely been eating healthier and trying new things since finding this gem,’ Amy added.

‘The app has different coupons which are refreshed each Monday morning, and then they offer money back when you purchase the specified item within the specified store. 

‘The customer service team for GreenJinn are excellent and the maximum you need to save with them is £1.50 before you can request a direct payment into your nominated bank account. 

Amy with her mother. She believes she’s saved more than £8000 through her couponing habits

‘Whilst Dad was ill I did as much as I could to help my family and continued to save as much as I could as I knew that this would make my dad proud’.

Amy said her two younger brothers ‘definitely liked the freebies’ she got from the apps’. 

She even says the ‘best thing’ she’s purchased from her receipts is jumpers she bought them.

Amy’s top tips for saving money 

Using receipts to make cash: I would definitely recommend ReceiptHog and Shoppix. 

Staying healthy and encouraging five a day: Xouponing and GreenJinn 

Money off products and free items: I would recommend CheckOutSmart. 

‘For new products and the best range of items for your family and household, I would recommend Shopmium. 

‘TopCashBack are great for doing money off of products that are seasonal – for example money off of Easter Eggs at Easter time.  

‘There are also great referral schemes available and these can pay quite well depending on how many people you get to sign up and redeem an offer.

‘There is another way I save which has been slow to catch on but it is now gaining speed – Airtime Rewards. 

‘This is an app that you upload your card details to and whenever you use that card in any of their nominated stores you get cashback for shopping there. 

‘This has paid £40.28 off my mobile phone bill since November 2017. It may not seem a lot, but my contract is only £3.50 a month. 

‘All the little amounts add up and help towards the bigger picture.

For research: ‘I am a huge fan of MoneySavingExpert and am keen to share the word of all of the brilliant and sound advice they offer. 

‘There are so many things that I have been able to encourage people to do using the website. One thing is the PPI claims and tax relief for married couples.

‘MoneySavingExpert also has a whole page dedicated to coupons and this is one of the best ways to save on your shopping. 

‘I don’t do a big shop until I have checked the coupon page and then will tweak my list if I need to.   

‘The original price was £205 but using stacking I managed to get the price down to £52’.  

Amy-Rose Grenside, 31, travels everyday from Southampton to London Waterloo, where she works

Amy also encourages shoppers not to be afraid to ask for freebies when its for a good cause. 

‘I held a cake and bake sale and wrote to several companies, explaining that my father was ill and I was holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning in his name. 

‘I asked if they had any samples of their products we could use as this would be great advertising for them and would also be raising money for Macmillan at the same time. 

‘I had floods of donations and was truly overwhelmed by the response!

‘Yorkshire Tea sent table cloths, two boxes of 400 teabags and bunting for us to use along with a lovely letter of support. 

‘Proper Popcorn sent 24 bags of popcorn and a heartfelt letter of good luck. 

‘Bahlsen sent 12 different packs of their biscuits and a card of Get Well for my Dad. 

‘We raised £212. My father was very proud. 

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