Shh! Cheat your way to a better body: From eye bags to cracked heels, there’s a treatment to perfect every bit of you

  • Annabel Cutler and Claire Coleman rounded up the best cosmetic treatments
  • They suggest banishing eye bags with Platelet Rich Plasma available from £500 
  • The treatment boosts the production of collagen for smooth, radiant skin 
  • They suggest rejuvenating saggy skin such as cleavage with Profhilo injections
  • The treatment available from £900 helps to improve skin elasticity 
  • Annabel and Claire shared recommendations for hair, abs and stretch marks 

As you finish off the last of the foil-wrapped chocolates and clear up the mess from presents and parties, it might feel like the post-Christmas slump will last for ever.

But, in fact, it’s almost time to come out of your winter hibernation — making this the perfect time to book that treatment you’ve been wondering about, deal with any health problems, and give yourself a fabulous, rejuvenating head-to-toe tune up.

But which little indulgences will produce real results? Here’s our all-over guide to a new you in the new year . . .


What: Philip Kingsley Hair Spa Treatment, a revitalising treatment for the scalp

Why: We exfoliate and pamper dry skin in winter, but rarely care for our scalps. Yet doing so can prevent damage from central heating and cold weather, stimulate growth, and perk up frazzled hair.

Cost: £85 for a 60-minute treatment.

Annabel Cutler and Claire Coleman shared advice on the best cosmetic treatments for transforming your body in the new year (file image)

The process: This is like a facial for the scalp, and also provides a diagnosis of any problems.

It’s aimed at dry, over-processed, limp or simply unmanageable hair.

A specialist tricotherapist will first examine your scalp, teaching you about your hair type and condition, whether the products you use are really suited to you, and what you can do to help keep your hair healthy.

Next, there’s a cooling scalp mask and a conditioning treatment using the Pomegranate and Cassis Elasticizer — a nourishing hair mask which improves shine and strength. Your scalp and hair are steamed for 15 minutes to allow the product to sink in, then you’ll relax with a ten-minute head massage.

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After shampooing and conditioning, a selection of scalp toners and styling aids are applied before a blow-dry, leaving you with ultra-glossy hair.

Where: Hair and Scalp Clinic, London W1. Learn more at


What: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, in which plasma from your own blood is injected under your eyes to encourage cell growth and renewal.

Why: The skin around our eyes is ten times thinner than elsewhere, meaning the area ages 36 times faster than the rest of the face.

Then there are the dark circles caused by tiny capillaries leaking blood beneath the skin’s surface, often as the result of stress.

As this blood starts to oxidise, it turns a dark blue colour, resembling a bruise. These dark circles are often hard to cover with concealer.

A Platelet Rich Plasma treatment can be used to encourage the growth and renewal of cells for the reduction of eye bags (file image) 

Cost: From £500. You’ll need two treatments, one month apart, and then repeat this every three to six months to maintain the results.

The process: It might sound gruesome, but this is an effective way to tackle persistent under-eye bags, which are notoriously hard to cure.

A small amount of blood is taken — just as in a blood test — and popped in a centrifuge to separate out the nutrient-rich plasma.

This is then injected back into the under-eye area, a process that can cause swelling for up to 48 hours.

After a few weeks it will boost the production of collagen (the protein that makes skin springy and firm) and your skin will appear smoother and more radiant.

Where: The Lovely Clinic, London SW3. Other clinics nationwide.


What: Dermal filler, such as Juvederm Volift or Voluma, injected into the earlobes.

Why: Age and heavy earrings can distend and misshape piercings and lobes. This quick fix has a big anti-ageing impact.

Cost: From £700.

The process: As we age, our earlobes lose fat and volume, just like the rest of our bodies — and it’s surprising how noticeable this can be. You may also develop horizontal or vertical creases as a result of repeatedly sleeping in the same position.

Injecting a dermal filler into ear lobes can help to correct distorted piercings (file image)

Piercings can stretch, too, whether as a result of your penchant for heavy chandelier earrings, or simply the day-to-day wearing of studs.

Hyaluronic acid, a molecule that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, is responsible for binding moisture into the skin and keeping it plump and hydrated.

Injections of it can plump out any creases in the lobe and tighten up a distorted piercing, ensuring that earrings sit nicely.

Results should last up to two years.

Where: Dr Maryam Zamani at the Cadogan Clinic, London SW1. Call 020 7112 9296 or visit drmaryam


What: Cosmetic dentistry including veneers, crowns and teeth whitening, with the option to go abroad for affordable further treatment.

Why: There’s nothing as ageing as yellow teeth, and constantly trying to hide them is miserable.

We Brits were once berated for our terrible teeth, but these days it’s much easier to get that perfect smile.

Cost: From £62 for an ultrasonic hygiene session, £216 per tooth for a porcelain veneer, and £304 per tooth for a metal-free zirconium crown.

Cosmetic dentistry can be a quick way of reversing the signs of aging caused by yellow teeth (file image) 

The process: For a quick smile makeover, visit maxillofacial surgeon Dr Attila Kaman, who can offer veneers, crowns and teeth cleaning in his London clinic.

For a more serious overhaul, he can arrange treatment at the sister clinic in Budapest, Hungary, where prices for cosmetic work are far lower and there’s an in-house operating theatre.

The clinic will book your appointments, hotels and even a driver to help you get around. This is an option an increasing number of Brits are choosing.

Where: Smile Savers clinics,


What: Profhilo, an injection to boost radiance and treat areas of annoying sagging skin such as on the chest, decolletage, cheeks and neck.

Why: Do you hate wearing low-cut tops because they show off your wrinkles?

With this treatment, you could be cleavage confident by the time the weather warms up.

Cost: £900 for the recommended two treatments, one month apart.

The process: The Profhilo injection contains 64mg of stabilised hyaluronic acid.

The production of collagen in the cheeks and cleavage can be stimulated with Profhilo injections which improve skin elasticity (file image)

The treatment stimulates the production of collagen, fights free radicals and helps improve skin elasticity. It’s quite painful — think mild wasp stings — but mercifully is over in about 15 minutes, and there’s no required downtime.

Possible side-effects include slight bruising, pain and lumps, which may take 48 hours to dissipate.

The true effects can take up to a month to show, but will last for up to six months so they will see you through the summer.

Where: EF Medispa chain,


What: EMSculpt, a machine that contracts your muscles to build them up.

Why: It’s the first treatment that promises to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.

Cost: From £750 to £1,000 per session — you’ll need four half-hour treatments over a two-week period, so up to £4,000 in all.

The process: Using electromagnetic energy delivered via a paddle that can be used over clothes, this machine forces your muscles to contract in a way that exercise alone could never achieve.

This increases the number of muscle fibres and makes them thicker, increasing muscle mass. As a pleasing side-effect, it also causes fat cells in the area to die.

Deep-tissue massage Remodelage, pummels cellulite and breaks down fat deposit while helping to restore a natural skin tone (file image)

The result is highly toned core muscles, and less abdominal fat. No wonder it’s been hailed as the new Botox for the body.

Where: Selected clinics throughout the UK. Find your nearest at


What: Biodermogenesi from Fusion GT, a new stretch mark treatment with impressive results. Studies at Pisa University in Italy found it could get rid of white marks present for more than 35 years.

Why: Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to effectively banish stretch marks. But new technology could be a game-changer.

Cost: £2,200 for six treatments.

The process: A hand-held treatment head delivers a combination of electromagnetic energy and vacuum technology to skin affected by stretch marks.

The two methods work together to increase the amount of oxygen in the area and boost production of collagen, helping to restructure the damaged cells in the skin.

The company says this approach also fills in the hollow area of skin that is typically found in stretch marks, so the skin on top can tan normally.

This greatly reduces the appearance of the marks, which usually look much lighter than the surrounding skin.

Where: Bader Medical is the first clinic in the UK to offer the treatment. Call 020 8144 0336 or visit

Dry skin and cracked heels can be cured with a Legology pedicure which includes a drainage massage for swollen ankles (file image)


What: Remodelage, dubbed ‘the real reason French women don’t get fat’, is a detoxifying, deep-tissue massage that pummels cellulite, breaking down fat deposits to help restore natural skin tone.

Why: Orange peel is every woman’s pet hate — and hard to shift through diet and exercise alone.

Cost: £180 per session (£1,600 for a set of ten) with results visible after five sessions.

The process: Parisian acupuncturist Martine de Richeville devised this ‘eight-shaped’ massage motion to manipulate the hypodermis (the layer of cells used mainly for fat storage) right down to the deep fascia, or layer of dense connective tissue which surrounds muscles, to eliminate excess fat in the tissue.

Thighs, bottoms, legs and love handles are pummelled to flush out toxins.

This technique also restores the skin’s tone and texture (goodbye, orange peel) and can help to relieve tension and stress-related problems including fatigue and poor digestion.

Where: Selected clinics including Martine de Richeville, 11 Elvaston Place, London.


What: The Legology pedicure includes a drainage massage for swollen ankles, as well as pretty polish for your toes.

Why: Ever wondered why wearing heels gets increasingly painful as you age? It’s because the fatty layer cushioning your soles and heels is thinning.

Then there’s the issue of the gradual depletion of collagen. This causes dry skin, cracked heels and calluses.

Ageing can also lead to poor circulation, resulting in a build-up of fluid in the ankles and feet.

In short, we need to look after our feet.

Cost: £60.

The process: This seriously souped up pedi will leave you with smooth, moisturised soles and beautiful polished toes.

Your lower legs and feet will also be massaged with Legology Cellu-Lite oil to stimulate drainage. You’ll walk out with lighter-feeling legs and slimmer ankles.

Where: Selected clinics including Nails& London in Wimbledon.

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