Americans are worried about their data security—and for good reason.

According to Pew Research, 41% of Americans have encountered fraudulent charges on their credit cards; 35% have received notices that some type of sensitive information (like an account number) had been compromised; 16% say that someone has hacked their email accounts; 15% have received notices that their Social Security number had been compromised; and 14% say that someone has attempted to take out loans or lines of credit in their name.

On top of all these shocking statistics, roughly half of Americans feel that their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago.

Thankfully, there are definitive steps to take to keep your online data safe and secure. Two great tools that are easy to implement yet make a huge difference are password encryption software and virtual private networks (VPNs). Protect yourself with both: The Essential Nord 2-Year Subscription Bundle gives you access to two top-rated apps.

NordVPN: 2-Yr Subscription: NordVPN, which has earned an extremely rare “Outstanding” rating from PC Mag, sends all your computer data through their double encrypted, private tunnels. In doing so, this double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption keeps you anonymous while hiding all of your important information. With this VPN, your internet connection will be ultra-secure—you can access server locations in 59 different countries, enjoy log-free browsing, and relish in lightning-fast internet speeds. Not to mention it is rated a whopping 4.6/5 stars on the Apple App Store and 4.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store.

NordPass Premium: 2-Year Subscription: NordPass securely saves your passwords once and syncs them across all of your devices and platforms so that you never forget your login information again. The best part? Using XChaCha20, zero-knowledge architecture, master password, backups, sync, and two-factor authentication, NordPass keeps all your data safe and secure so that you don’t need to worry.

You can score both of these apps and take control of your data security for only $99.99—that’s 71% off of its usual price of $346!

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