That’s why we’ve teamed up with Smart Energy to bring you these 8 savvy saving tips to help you stretch your pounds a bit further. Smart Energy GB is the government backed organisation tasked with informing Great Britain about the benefits of the smart meter roll out.

From saving money on your energy bills to cutting down on your weekly washing, how much will you save?

Big bills foiled

Cover a thin sheet of cardboard with tinfoil and place it between your walls and radiators. It will keep the heat in.

Get it down to a tea

Remember: just one cuppa? Don’t filleruppa! A kettle is quite energy-intensive, so fill it only as full as you need.

Put a lid on it

Use the right size pan for your cooking ring and put the lid on to stop heat escaping. You’ll use less energy, and food will cook faster, too.

Get smart

Ask your energy supplier to install a smart meter. You’ll see how much you’re using and where you can save.

Just wash and go

Knock one minute off the daily showers and a household could save £7 per person a year, says the Energy Saving Trust.

Don’t blow it

Draught-proofing your windows and doors could save around £20 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Play it cool

Turn down your thermostat by just one degree, says the Energy Saving Trust, and you could reduce your heating bills by £75 a year.

Be a spin doctor

No tough stains? Then save energy by washing clothes on the shortest cycle and reducing the temperature.

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