Anke Schäferkordt is set to leave German commercial broadcaster RTL after 27 years. Schäferkordt has been CEO of RTL Deutschland for 13 years.

Bernd Reichart, currently Managing Director of Vox, will become the new CEO of RTL Deutschland with a new boss of Vox announced in “due course”.

Schäferkordt joined RTL in 1991 and from 1993 to 1995 she was a Director in charge of the Corporate Planning and Controlling division. In 1995, she joined RTL-owned Vox, serving as CFO and, from 1997 onwards, also as Programme Director. Then, from 1999 until 2005, she was CEO of Vox. In February 2005, Schäferkordt was appointed Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO of RTL Television, and since September 2005, its CEO. From April 2012 to April 2017, Schäferkordt was additionally Co-CEO of RTL Group.

Meanwhile, Reichart, joined RTL Group-owned Spanish broadcaster Antena 3, as Head of Investor Relations. From 2007 to 2013 he worked as Managing Director, Multichannel with the commercial TV broadcaster Antena 3, responsible for five free-TV channels. Since February 2013, Bernd Reichart has been Managing Director of Vox and member of the management team of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland.

Schäferkordt said, “After more than 27 years with RTL, leaving the company is not an easy step. Given our very strong management team and the clear strategic direction we have jointly developed over many years, I believe that a swift transition is in the best interest of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. I am tremendously grateful and proud to have led this great company with its outstanding employees. I had the opportunity to work with exceptionally skilled and dedicated people over the years and build lasting relationships on both a professional and personal level.”

Bert Habets, CEO of RTL Group, added, “Anke Schäferkordt has shaped the success story of RTL Group. The list of her entrepreneurial achievements is unparalleled: From 1995 to 2005, Anke was imperative in turning around our German channel Vox and building it into one of the most profitable and strongest brands in our whole portfolio. Together with a strong and dedicated management team, she has systematically expanded our German family of channels and more than tripled the unit’s operating profit since 2005. As Co-CEO of RTL Group, she was a key force to put our Group back on the growth track by making strategic investments into digital video businesses. In the name of more than 14,000 employees and RTL Group’s Executive Committee, I would like to deeply thank Anke for her fantastic performance, strong leadership and strategic vision. We all wish her the best for her future endeavours.”

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