Roger Mathews has been trying non-stop to get JWoww back! However, a source close to JWoww told HL EXCLUSIVELY that his efforts aren’t making any difference!

Roger Matthews may have attended the Trolls the Experience exhibit in New York City on Nov. 14 with JWoww, after he jokingly admitted she thought he was repulsive, but don’t expect the two former flames to get back together. A source close to JWoww told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that although Roger has been bending over backward trying to win her back, the time for reconciliation has passed. “As far as Jen is concerned, her marriage is well and truly over, for good,” our source told us. “But Roger definitely doesn’t feel that way about things, and he’s desperate to win Jen over again. He wants his family back together again. Roger is pulling out all the stops in his bid to get Jen back. He’s sending her flowers, texting her sweet love messages and begging for another chance.”

When it comes down to it, Roger’s pleas are falling on deaf ears. “As far as Jen is concerned though, it’s just too little too late,” our source went on to say. “He should have made an effort while they were still together, but instead he took her for granted and she feels he didn’t treat her well at all. Making the decision to divorce Roger wasn’t an easy one for Jen, but once she had made her mind up she felt really relieved, and now she’s really excited about the future again.”

If anything, Jen is just trying to make sure she’s pleasant in her dealing with Roger for their children’s sake. “Jen is trying to keep things as civil as possible with Roger for the sake of the kids, but if they weren’t part of the equation, she would be very happy to never have to speak to or see Roger ever again,” our source added. “That chapter is closed for Jen and she’s ready for the next one to begin.”

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