Rita Ora was low-key dissed at the People’s Choice Awards by the Kardashians! An eyewitness told HL EXCLUSIVELY that they appeared very ‘uninterested’ in her performance!

It looks like this celeb feud is still ongoing. Rita Ora, who dated Rob Kardashian, sang “Let You Love Me” at the People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 11, but her ex’s family made sure to throw some minor shade at her by completely ignoring her performance. An eyewitness at the event told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that when it came time for Rita to take the stage, the Kardashians‘ attention went elsewhere. “The Kardashians majorly shaded Rob’s ex Rita as none of them watched her perform,” our eyewitness told us. “They all weren’t paying attention to her. Khloe applauded briefly, but you could tell they were so uninterested.”

We reported earlier how now that he’s dropped roughly 30 to 50 pounds, Rob is ready to get back out on the dating scene. “Rob is going to continue to stay away from the limelight,” a source close to Rob told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He likes the life he is living and doesn’t want the extra baggage that his last name brings and could bring if he started doing shows again or being on Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a more consistent basis. He also would love to find love again but he doesn’t want to make it a game,” our source adds. “He wants to meet somebody outside of TV cameras. He thinks that is the only way it will work out.”

However, when it comes to the prospects of reuniting with his other ex Blac Chyna, who suggested she might be open to that, Rob is not considering that an option… at all. “Rob is kind of in his own sunken place, so despite what she might say, reuniting with Chyna isn’t really on his mind right now,” a source close to Rob EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife. “He would not be open to that at all and really just wants to be left alone.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news surrounding Rita Ora. In the meantime, check out

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