Yikes! Teresa Giudice reignited her feud with her brother and his wife, Joe and Melissa Gorga, during the Nov. 14 episode of ‘RHONJ’, when she blasted him for not spending enough time with their dad.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga may soon be enemies again, as she seemed to reignite their on-again/off-again feud during the Nov. 14 episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. But this time around, they’re not fighting about his wife, Melissa Gorga. Instead, she slammed him for not spending enough time with their dad, Giacinto Gorga. She even got her daughter, Gia, involved! Mind you, Teresa, Joe and Melissa have been fine for two seasons now, so it was shocking to see them going at it again.

In tonight’s episode, Giacinto first told his son, “You never call me no more,” before Joe explained, “I didn’t call you this week. I was busy all week. Bad week.” But that wasn’t a good enough excuse for Giacinto. So he turned to Melissa and said, “He don’t call me all week.” She said, “Aww,” but he also called her out, saying, “You too.” However, she retorted, “I just saw you. We just saw you at the house.”

“When? Two weeks ago,” he said. Clearly, he wasn’t happy. And because Giacinto wasn’t happy, Teresa wasn’t happy. Teresa didn’t flip a table or anything, but she was certainly annoyed. Once Giacinto left the room, Teresa hammered Joe some more, saying he needs to spend more time with their dad. But he kept defending himself, so Gia then chimed in, saying she hears Giacinto complaining as well. And Teresa loved that — she begged Gia to defend her so she wouldn’t be forced to go “two against one” with Joe and Melissa.

Melissa advised the adults have their conversation away from Gia, which was extremely smart and mature of her to say, but Gia clapped back, saying she’s old enough to hear these conversations and because Giacinto confides in her, she felt she was more than welcome to involve herself in the drama.

Nothing got too heated, but next week, when the girls head to Oklahoma with Margaret, Melissa and Teresa go at it again, according to the preview that played at the end of the episode. So this won’t be the last we see of this fight.

In other RHONJ news, Margaret invited all the ladies to tag along with her during a work trip to Oklahoma, and Danielle broke down in tears after hearing Margaret and Dolores were going to be hanging out together. It was super dramatic and typical Danielle behavior.

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