Lisa Vanderpump broke down in tears during the Feb. 12 season premiere of ‘RHOBH’, as she dealt with both the death of her brother and a major fight with Kyle Richards.

The famous fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards — the one that everyone’s been talking about since viewing the Season 9 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — finally saw the light of day during the Feb. 12 season premiere. And Bravo didn’t waste any time getting into the thick of things. In fact, Kyle’s major fight with both Lisa and Lisa’s husband Ken Todd aired in the first few minutes of Tuesday’s Season 9 opener. It’s not yet clear why Kyle and Lisa were fighting, but it seemed as though Kyle had accused Lisa of doing something pretty shocking because when the scene opened, LVP yelled, “I’ve done nothing wrong! Kyle, I swear on my children’s life — I’m not going to say yes I did something if I didn’t do it!” And even though Kyle insisted, “I didn’t come here to fight,” everyone was screaming… even Ken. “You’re not her friend, and she would never say that about you!” he yelled as he stood very closely to Kyle. And when Kyle further told Lisa, “Maybe you care more about your image then your friendships,” Ken continued, “You are not her friend. Goodbye Kyle!” Then, Kyle headed for the door. But not before Lisa got in one last sentiment — “Get the f*** out of my house! I swear to you, I’m done with it.” Crazy, right? We’ve never heard Lisa get this upset before. Afterwards, the storyline backtracked to “two months earlier,” so viewers could begin to see how Lisa and Kyle’s fight came to be, but not much was revealed. However, we did start to learn what really went down between Dorit, Lisa and that whole dog fiasco.

So two months before Kyle and Lisa’s fight — and three months after the death of Lisa’s brother — Lisa, Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp met up at Vanderpump Dogs to play with some puppies. And it was during this scene that one of Lisa’s employees brought out a dog that Teddi had recognized. Kyle, however, seemed clueless to what was going on — at least until someone acknowledged that it used to be Dorit’s dog. Still confused by the situation, Kyle pressed for answers, but Lisa asked her employee to be quiet and leave it alone. As it turns out, Dorit had apparently adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs, but once the dog bit her kids and her husband, PK, quite a few times, she gave the dog away to another family. Unfortunately, the dog later turned up in a local shelter, and Lisa was notified due to the microchips she puts in all of her dogs at her facility. So, of course, this angered Lisa and her staff, but even so, Lisa kept defending Dorit whenever the situation was talked about in front of Kyle and Teddi. It seemed as though she didn’t want to put a bad light on Dorit. And Kyle quickly took notice. Especially when Lisa attacked her for not attending her opening party for her new restaurant, Tom Tom. So Kyle called Lisa out for attacking her over something so innocent, when she constantly defends Dorit for behavior that’s much worse. “I love you,” Lisa told Kyle, to which she said, “Then f***ing act like it.” Could this have been the beginning of their fallout? It sure looked like it.

Despite the hiccup, however, Kyle still threw a pool party that went relatively smoothly. But that’s probably because no one brought up the dog situation in front of Dorit. Dorit knew that Teddi and Kyle had already learned about what happened, but still, no one talked about it. It was pretty odd, but maybe it was all for the best. Something that was brought up, though, was the death of Lisa’s brother. When Vanderpump arrived at the party, Lisa Rinna asked her how she was doing, but Vanderpump said she didn’t want to talk about it, so Rinna respected that and changed the subject. Behind the scenes, however, Lisa broke down in tears while giving an interview and talking about her brother, Mark, committing suicide. “There are a lot of people that say taking your life is selfish. I’ve never felt that. My brother didn’t mean to do this. It was a cry for help and it went horribly wrong,” she revealed. Through tears, Lisa continued explaining that she’s a “strong woman” but was “never prepared for this. And it’s been very difficult.” It was truly heartbreaking to watch. Especially knowing that she’ll also soon have a major falling out with her cast mates. But to find out how that happens, we’ll have to keep watching as the season continues.

Other fun tidbits we learned: Dorit was recently robbed, Teddi bought a new 4,500 sq. ft. house, and Kyle and Teddi were fangirling over Justin Bieber when they spotted him in their boxing class. Oh, and Denise Richards made her entrance into the group with a small get together at Lisa Rinna’s house, where it was revealed that Denise’s ex, Charlie Sheen, once licked Lisa Rinna’s toes in a movie they did together in 2001.

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