Reddit is experimenting with a new tipping feature that could give its users a chance to earn some real cash: The self-proclaimed front page of the internet is currently testing tipping on a single Subreddit, with tips benefitting just one lucky user.

“Anyone in r/shittymorph can now tip u/shittymorph for the content he posts to this subreddit,” explained a Reddit admin in an announcement post for the test, which was first reported by Cnet. This is an experimental feature available only in this subreddit, and no other community,” he added.

A Reddit spokesperson confirmed the test in a statement sent to Variety: “We are always running experiments to test potential features that support and empower our users, and the tipping feature in r/shittymorph is one of them. Only a small percent of experiments get implemented.”

The lucky user in question has thus far been tipped $81, according to a badge displayed next to his user name. However, the amount ultimately paid out is likely going to be lower: Reddit’s moderator explained in a comment that the company is taking a small cut from any money donated, and also subtracting fees for payment processing.

“Majority of the tip goes to u/shittymorph and a portion goes to Reddit. If you were to tip $100, about $78.5 goes to u/shittymorph, $18.5 to Reddit, and $3 to Stripe,” he said.

Reddit isn’t the only site looking to tipping to reward its community for their contributions. Facebook launched tipping for live streamers about a year ago, and YouTube has been experimenting with tip jars for live streamers since last summer.

All of this happens as Patreon continues to grow its business. The membership-focused startup announced last month that it had surpassed 3 million paying users, and that it aims to pay out $500 million to creators this year. Coincidentally, Patreon also teamed up with Reddit last October to allow communities to raise funds with memberships.

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