Social media lit up like a Christmas tree this week when an elderly millionaire chose to sit in front of a gold piano to deliver her festive round robin letter (“two weddings, two babies and another on the way!”).

At least Elton could have lent her his gold dressing gown.

The instrument was given to Queen Victoria in 1856, so it’s not like Her Majesty’s been out shopping for golden pianos with the £47million she gets to keep from the Crown estate.

But it’s also true that after another year of hard-bitten austerity, her subjects are tiring of the ever-greater disparity in wealth Her Majesty’s government is inflicting on our country.

“Treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being” cuts both ways.

Austerity belongs in the past, and Victoria’s gold piano belongs in a public museum. But I hope for now, HRH is learning Our Song on it.

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